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    Nails and Nail Salons

    Do any of you ladies like having nice nails but can't stand nail salons? I have very small hands so I would kind of look ridiculous with long press on nails. Plus the fact that I don't have the best hand coordination to manage wearing them. If I try to paint my own nails, I make a mess and it...
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    Invisible flesh-eating mites terrorize DC residents

    Talk about parasites in Washington D.C.! Move over murder hornets Residents of Washington D.C. have come under siege of a plague of microscopic Oak Leaf Itch Mites whose bite leaves a raft of painful and itchy sores on its victims...
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    Has this ever happened to anyone?

    My mom got a symphony card from her cousin on the death of her sister-in-law, and she had no idea that she died. :(
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    Tim Tebow Retires From Baseball It should be interesting what he does next.
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    The Softened Heart (poem)

    Pleasing to the Lord is the softened heart of salvation The heart that loves thy neighbor and cries out for mercy The heart that finds beauty in all His creation The heart that is changed from evil fixation The heart that sings for joy while other believers are in His presence The heart inspired...
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    Like Button

    Sorry if this already has been asked. How do you use the "like" button for other emojis besides a thumbs up?
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    Hi there!

    I've been lurking around for some time now. Was a member off RR under the user name of Onceblind A name I was not crazy about because it focused on my old self. Would rather focus on Him. Was sort of bummed out yesterday with the inauguration of that wooden puppet Pinocchio Joe. But I realized...