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  1. Judy4Jesus

    Lucifer’s Lament

    Lucifer’s Lament By: Maxine M. Satan was pacing back and forth, calling for a meeting of demons everywhere “Fellows!” he said, “I’m out of ideas, time is running out before the crown of Judgment I wear” “I’ve tried everything to avoid the Creator’s edict, plus it’s something I, with human...
  2. Judy4Jesus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY patiently!!!!!

    Oh my!! SISTER!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!! I am just late on every birthday these days!! Hope it was as precious as you are to this FAMILY in Christ!! We love you, sister!! :inlovePATIENTLY:inlove
  3. Judy4Jesus

    Happy Birthday Sonseeker and Randy - Saved by Grace!!!!

    Happy birthday to both of you!! Hope your day was full of joy and blessings!! :pray❤❤
  4. Judy4Jesus

    Happy Birthday Anath!!!!

    Susie!! Happy belated birthday, Sweetheart!! ❤❤⚘⚘ I hope your day was so mightily blessed that it lingers still!! :pray:inlove:hug
  5. Judy4Jesus

    Cleaning house quirks

    In all seriousness, God could not have blessed me with better guys to live in the same house with. Steve and Brandon both are very tidy and mindful of cleanliness! My daughters were harder to "train" they are as OCD on tidiness as their mom! :D
  6. Judy4Jesus

    Cleaning house quirks

    Ohhhh....double stink eye and a "reading of the will" in some cases :heh for that violation!! Lol...When I vacuum I cant just do one room. I must vacuum every room in the house, or at least on the same floor. Problem with that is I have to give my vacuum's brush roller a haircut after I'm done...
  7. Judy4Jesus

    Cleaning house quirks

    When I do a deep cleaning of the bathrooms (like more than just the usual touch up), its announced to my guys. They then know I WILL BE ON THE LOOKOUT afterwards for at least 24 hours for ANY sort of "sprinkling"...operation STINK EYE on full alert!! :tapping:shifty:announce2
  8. Judy4Jesus

    Happy Birthday Spiritual Armor!

    Happy Birthday!! :D :hug
  9. Judy4Jesus

    Congrats new Mom - Cheeky

    GLORY to God!! \o/ Congrats to you and Mr. Cheeky! May baby Peter be health, happy and love the Lord mightily!! :pray:pray:hug :cloud9:stork
  10. Judy4Jesus

    Resurrection Sunday

    Resurrection Sunday By: Maxine M. Over the centuries there have been martyrs willing to die for their chosen “cause”, true to its virtue & principles…simply not just comply They hadn’t given in to opposition; those in charge they’d defy Many were beheaded, stoned, burned at the stake Torn to...
  11. Judy4Jesus

    Happy birthday Judy4Jesus

    SO EXCITING and I really hope you will let us know if you have time when you go into labor so we can pray you through it all, sister!! :hug:inlove
  12. Judy4Jesus

    Happy birthday Judy4Jesus

    AWWWW...I just truly and dearly LOVE all y'all and I mean that!! I'm a very blessed gallie...all my "29 years" :lol :wink2 May we all be hugging and singing our JESUS all together so very soon!! THANK YOU everyone for the birthday well wishes!! :inlove:meet❤❤
  13. Judy4Jesus

    Gov. Greg Abbott Orders Texas to Reopen 100 Percent and Gets Rid of Mask Mandate

    I think Kristi Noem will follow and do the same in South Dakota too.
  14. Judy4Jesus

    Happy Birthday DMac!

    Happy belated birthday! :inlove
  15. Judy4Jesus

    Happy Birthday Biblecat, greg64, Michael Ross, and Romans 10:9!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL Y'ALL!! I miss the bday calendar and wish Chris would consider bringing it back for us to view!! :pray:pray
  16. Judy4Jesus

    Your Assignment

    Your Assignment By: Maxine M. At such a time as THIS, what are we as Christians to do? In this worldly chaos, what is the answer? What hope can we construe? What’s to be anticipated in future days? Will it be a time we never before knew? Are the principles and values our nation was founded on...
  17. Judy4Jesus

    Greetings from Virginia

    Welcome Sister Kyle...I love your name too! I'm Judy and happy you are here. Be blessed! :hug
  18. Judy4Jesus

    Happy Birthday, Lovin Jesus!

    Late for the party, Rose! Hope your day was blessed!! I'll clean up the kitchen and take out the after party trash now! :D :hug
  19. Judy4Jesus

    Insurance Guy's Obituary (for those who missed it in his thread)

    Maddie Jo's words were as if she was typing my very own thoughts! I agree with everything...LOVED your service, Adrian! I learned something personal about Andrea my mind and when I told Steve of her and you, I pronounced her name like Ann dree ah, but I heard you say it like Awn dray. I...