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  1. JoyJoyJoy

    The darkening world

    I live in a small southern town. Two times in this week, I have been in a parking lot and heard older adults screaming and verbally fighting. This is unheard of and frightened me. One lady was cursing. I am use to kids, teens, loud music and loud adults, but usually the adults are laughing and...
  2. JoyJoyJoy

    'Old' Sayings

    Was just reminded of one of my mama's saying...*The truth will stand on Judgement Day* A while back @kathymendel recognized another of mama's sayings...*Lord willing and the creek dont rise* Another one I heard growing up was *tight as Dick's hat band*.....for example..Girl, those britches are...
  3. JoyJoyJoy


    I love hamburgers. My daughter brought one over Sunday from a local restaurant that was extraordinary! It tasted like it had dill pickle juice in it. I dont usually put dills on my burger. Do you think I could add ground up pickles to my meat? Or maybe just add some juice?? Any one ever had...
  4. JoyJoyJoy

    Purchasing things

    I put off some possible purchases until after the election. Now, if Biden is truly president, I am not sure I want to spend any money. I feel like I cant trust what may happen to the economy. Of course, I trust the Lord and will certainly pray before buying. Just wondering if anyone else is...
  5. JoyJoyJoy

    Insulin and Medicare

    My husband is eligible for Medicare next year. He is a diabetic on insulin. The cost of the insulin on the drug plans that he has look at is ridiculous. The drug plans are affordable but the insulin is high. My question....any of yall on Medicare and taking insulin?? Which drug plan covers...
  6. JoyJoyJoy

    Healthier Eating

    I am considering all options, Atkins, etc.. Definitely doing better physically on non processed foods. @Cindy S. has helped me a lot. This is a thread where anyone can talk about all things food. I have a problem of wanting to eat (sweets) when my stomach is truly not hungry. I am going to...
  7. JoyJoyJoy

    The Restrainer

    I have seen a good many posts saying the restrainer is pulling out or letting go. I understand the situation in America and the world seems to be worsening. Some places in the world have not seen peace in years. Look at how many countries have terribly corrupt governments. People are starving...
  8. JoyJoyJoy

    Re: taking the knee

    This should and does apply to the NBA, and Major League Baseball too. "Open Letter To The NFL PLAYERS. The Boycott is coming. You graduated high school in 2011. Your teenage years were a struggle. You grew up on the wrong side of the tracks. Your mother was the leader of the family and worked...
  9. JoyJoyJoy


    In my smallish town, I see tons of 'Help Wanted' signs. In all types of places, from restaurants to retail. I know people were laid off during the shut down. Are y'all seeing that in your area??
  10. JoyJoyJoy

    Alexa jokes

    We have an Alexa that we let the kids play with occasionally. Today, watching AFV, we saw a joke that we had to try out. The kid tells Alexa.....'I farted'. Alexa replies... Congratulations and makes the sound of applause. Then they asked Alexa to tell a kids joke...... What do you call a...
  11. JoyJoyJoy

    Let's talk Pets

    Let's have a fun thread. Tell us about your pets, past or future. I have a small gray cat (Kitty) who is very vocal and needy. She brought a live bird in my house once. I have a fuzzy boy stripy cat (Thomas) that I love so much. He is also called 'Mama's baby. He has a bit of Maine Coon in...
  12. JoyJoyJoy

    Carbonated Beverage

    I call them sodas. DH calls them cold drinks.
  13. JoyJoyJoy

    Favorite Meat

    Can you tell that I just love food??
  14. JoyJoyJoy

    Drawing Closer to God

    James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded. I love this verse. As I have matured in my walk, I have grown closer to God. And these last couple of months, I feel I have grown closer to Him. Probably due to...
  15. JoyJoyJoy

    Is it Well With your Soul?

    One of my favorite hymns is 'It is Well'. In this wicked world we are living in, can anybody join me and Praise God that it is well with my soul,!!! That 3rd verse gets me... Lord, haste the day that my faith shall be sight!!! Come Lord Jesus!
  16. JoyJoyJoy

    Twinkle parades and Bear hunts

    We have 2 hospitals in town. At 7pm, people gather in empty parking lots near the their cars....and flash their lights. It is for appreciation for all hospital workers... licensed and unlicensed. It's touching. It violates no rules For our kids....I don't know who started...
  17. JoyJoyJoy

    Either Or

    A game I used to play on another forum. The question is which do you like better...... Apple jelly or grape jelly? Next poster answers and gives another set of either/or Ex.... Grape jelly Shower or bath?
  18. JoyJoyJoy

    Devil goes down to Walmart

    Devil went down to Wal Mart Looking for a roll to steal. He was in a bind, clenching his behind... He was willing to make a deal.
  19. JoyJoyJoy

    Getting to know each other

    Hi ladies (and some gentlemen). Want to get to know each other better?? I will go first... My name is Missy. I am married with a 33 yr old daughter, sil, and 3 grandkids that are the ' frosting on my cake'. We keep them on Saturday night and my dh takes them to church each Sunday. I have...
  20. JoyJoyJoy

    Oh Hi Everybody!!!!!

    Hello one and all. So glad to be here. Dh and I are born again followers of Jesus and we are watching daily for His return. I grew up in a Holiness church and now am a happy member of a Baptist congregation. Dh grew up Catholic. We have 2 grandchildren who are the absolute lights of our...