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  1. Judy4Jesus

    Lucifer’s Lament

    Lucifer’s Lament By: Maxine M. Satan was pacing back and forth, calling for a meeting of demons everywhere “Fellows!” he said, “I’m out of ideas, time is running out before the crown of Judgment I wear” “I’ve tried everything to avoid the Creator’s edict, plus it’s something I, with human...
  2. Judy4Jesus

    Resurrection Sunday

    Resurrection Sunday By: Maxine M. Over the centuries there have been martyrs willing to die for their chosen “cause”, true to its virtue & principles…simply not just comply They hadn’t given in to opposition; those in charge they’d defy Many were beheaded, stoned, burned at the stake Torn to...
  3. Judy4Jesus

    Your Assignment

    Your Assignment By: Maxine M. At such a time as THIS, what are we as Christians to do? In this worldly chaos, what is the answer? What hope can we construe? What’s to be anticipated in future days? Will it be a time we never before knew? Are the principles and values our nation was founded on...
  4. Judy4Jesus

    Our Blessed Hope Conquers Fear

    Our Blessed Hope Conquers Fear By: Maxine M. Many people are apprehensive about tomorrow…the changes we MAY see A fear that, ahead, will be a new world with which we disagree How will life be altered? How stable will the future be for my family and me? Illnesses may come when fears are hidden...
  5. Judy4Jesus

    Deliver Us from Evil

    Deliver Us from Evil By: Maxine M. It was Lucifer’s PRIDE of wanting to be above God, that evil came into being And God’s Holiness couldn’t abide this or any of the sins man has been decreeing But Satan keeps on spreading all the evil he can…all that we are, today seeing God Almighty, the...
  6. Judy4Jesus

    Backspace on replies

    Today everytime I make a mistake (so OFTEN) in a reply message, I can only backspace one letter then lose my keyboard (I'm on my Samsung Note 8). But only in reply messages and this only happens here on RF. Is it just me?
  7. Judy4Jesus

    Happy Birthday to our DEAR Chris!! :D

    May this birthday bring you so much joy and happy special moments! Thank you so much, Chris, for running these forums...what a true Christian gathering place you provide! :hug:inlove HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brother! And may today be the day your dad says YES to Jesus Christ! :pray:pray ❤
  8. Judy4Jesus

    HAPPY Birthday, Eva!! (Eva1974)

    May you be blessed RICHLY today!! :D Happy Birthday!!❤❤
  9. Judy4Jesus

    Don’t ignore that Voice!! (please copy and share with lost loved ones)

    Don’t ignore that Voice!! By: Maxine M. Life has been altered worldwide; a “new normal” now exists A world where masks, sanitizer, distancing and orders to stay at home persist Church attendance is limited; ‘just too dangerous’, those in power insist But isn’t this the time Christian voices...
  10. Judy4Jesus

    STIR and Rise Above!

    STIR and Rise Above! By: Maxine M. Have you been feeling down, tired, strength dramatically waning? Vigor and energy gone; confused about what the news is saying…from truth are they refraining? What is the answer? Whom can we trust? How can we, to normalcy, be regaining? Isaiah said (Isaiah...
  11. Judy4Jesus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Andy!! "Maybe"

    I just have a gut feeling TODAY is Andy's real birthday so... Happy birthday to our favorite retired Drill Instructor!! :bluesclues:saluteflag:usaheart
  12. Judy4Jesus

    Happy BIRTHDAY, Mary Cole!!

    May your day be full of BLESSINGS!! We love you, sister!! ❤❤❤⚘⚘⚘ Happy birthday!! :hug
  13. Judy4Jesus


    Hope your birthday brings you JOY overflowing!! May you be blessed and KNOW how LOVED you are by not only our Father in Heaven but by your RF family in Christ!! Happy Birthday, brother Daver, my FAVOR! :D ❤❤❤
  14. Judy4Jesus

    Happy BIRTHDAY, Cindy!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CINDY!! May your day be FUN and not quarantined away from family!! Be blessed, sister! Love ya!! ❤❤⚘⚘
  15. Judy4Jesus

    In Such A Time As This

    In Such A Time As This By: Maxine M. God told Solomon, WHEN My people sin, consequences will be sent Perhaps droughts, destroying insects or PESTILENCE…with disastrous intent Pay attention!! Repent, follow My commands…is what was meant BUT if My people will HUMBLY pray, turn away from all...
  16. Judy4Jesus

    What is the Lord Saying to the World?!

    What is the Lord Saying to the World?! By: Maxine M. In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth, on which all living things dwell A perfect world in which humans were to live…perfect, until Adam and Eve fell Their disobedience brought sin and sin brings death…a review of history...
  17. Judy4Jesus


    Disruption!! By: Maxine M. Our beloved customary routine, our daily way of living; life in our habitual way It lulls us into complacency, thinking we know exactly what will happen today Believing we are in charge, with conviction that our “pillars” of strength will always stay We have the...
  18. Judy4Jesus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Dan!! (InsuranceGuy)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAN!! May our Father in Glory give you this day all the GRACE, LOVE, and MERCY you could ever want or need! May your day be filled with LAUGHTER and smiles...even while at appt STILL HAVE TODAY!! \O/ MUCH LOVE, BROTHER! ❤❤❤
  19. Judy4Jesus

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY , Patiently!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY , precious Pat!! May the love of our Lord and all your brothers and sister FILL your heart today and EVERY day!! You are a true blessing, sister!! Have a BLESSED birthday!! ❤❤ :meet:meet:meet
  20. Judy4Jesus

    A Different Easter

    A Different Easter By: Maxine M. Easter!! What childhood memories, to your mind, does the word bring? Snow finally melting, the end of winter, the beginning of Spring A season of rebirth, trees starting to bud, returning birds commencing to sing Perhaps a pretty new Sunday dress, a new bonnet...