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  1. Cindy S.

    Unashamed with Phil Robertson

    I love his YouTube roundtable bible study with his sons. If you haven't watched it, check it out.
  2. Cindy S.

    Is the church to blame for this mess

    I'm listening to a sermon from Billy Crone right now and it is so convicting. He said if you don't want witches to take over, start sharing the gospel and get them saved! How many of us go to church and get fed but expect our pastor to bring in the harvest and get everyone saved. How many of us...
  3. Cindy S.

    Rush Limbaugh passed away today

    His wife is telling us right now on his radio show
  4. Cindy S.

    Disturbing billboard seeking tips

    I just saw a disturbing billboard on the highway in Michigan seeking tips for violence at the US Capitol. I'm sure they're not looking for the truth they're looking for people to blame.
  5. Cindy S.

    Stop forced vaccine petition sign the petition here We must get ahead of the agenda.
  6. Cindy S.

    Let us pray together for deliverance

    Matthew 6 5“And when you pray, you shall not be like the For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. 6But you, when...
  7. Cindy S.

    If you knew the timing of the rapture, would you do anything differently on earth?

    For me, I guess I might retire now if I knew... FOR SURE... it was in the next 10 years. Working around liberals, keeping my head down and mouth shut, trying to dodge the vaccination is exhausting. My burden for the lost can't get any heavier than it is. I'm finding myself praying for my enemies...
  8. Cindy S.

    Edmond de Rothschild Holding’s Chairman Dies at 57 anyone know if he had planned to be part of the great reset?
  9. Cindy S.

    Tierney Real News Network

    My friend has turned me on to this independent journalist named Tierney. I love the updates and thought I would share with my RF friends.
  10. Cindy S.

    What Now, America? WHAT NOW, AMERICA? By Hal Lindsey Most American evangelicals supported Donald Trump throughout his presidency. They didn’t always like his rhetoric, boastfulness, or occasional vindictiveness. In fact, they didn’t always like him. But they liked what he did...
  11. Cindy S.

    The latest from Whitmer: MDHHS hopes to reopen restaurant dining rooms Feb. 1 I can't take much more.
  12. Cindy S.

    Melania Trump

    She's on asking for prayer. Dear friends, as you already know, our family has been under a lot of pressure by the media causing us more stress and anxiety in one of the darkest times in the history of America. We need your support and prayers more than ever, in moments like these it...
  13. Cindy S.

    Daniel 2:41-43

    I read a comment on Gab that caused me to look up Nebuchadnezzar's dream. The feet of the statue sound like America don't they? Jump in and discuss. I also find this interesting:
  14. Cindy S.

    Thoughts on freedom

    The bible says we are not our own, but bought with a price. You will either serve God or government. IMO the idea of Americans being free is deceiving as many of us have become lovers of ourselves and when America falls we are devastated to think we might live under communism. We never were...
  15. Cindy S.

    Congress Affirms Biden Electoral Win After Tumultuous Day at Capitol And so around 3:30 a.m. ET, the final Electoral College reports were certified.
  16. Cindy S.

    Get your 2nd stimulus yet?

    I'm still waiting. Two of my friends already received theirs and the first round I got mine rather early with no problems. I checked the IRS site and they don't say anything about a check being issued but if I don't receive one I can claim it are my income tax. Anyone else still waiting to...
  17. Cindy S.

    Rouhani Declares Trump Will Be Dead 'in a Few Days' as Iran-US Relations Keep Crumbling Besides Trump, Rouhani referred to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as the ''main perpetrators of this crime.'' "One of the effects of this stupid and disgraceful act was that Trumpism ended and in a few days, the life of this criminal will end...
  18. Cindy S.

    Send Mike Pence an email

    [email protected] I just did, asked him to fight the good fight on Jan. 6 and don't let the wicked steal the election. For the sake of the righteous, the innocent children and the unborn.
  19. Cindy S.

    US Bomber Mission Over Persian Gulf Aimed at Cautioning Iran The United States also has picked up signs that Iran may be considering or planning “more complex” and broader attacks against American targets or interests in the Middle East.
  20. Cindy S.

    Michigan Oversight Committee

    They are getting a lesson in the voting process from a retired secretary of state employee of 29 years. I think Michigan will go for a forensic audit by the federal govt. They seem pretty interested in her testimony. She's saying it's a hot mess. She's quoting the law to them.