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  1. Umbrella Girl

    Ripped Off At Car Dealersip

    Every time I go to the car dealership for a basic oil change and tire rotation, they tell me that expensive repairs need to be done, ratcheting up the bill by hundreds of dollars. Of course, that customer service rep earns a commission for whatever costly repairs he can convince you to go along...
  2. Umbrella Girl

    Pelosi Should Be Removed - Not Trump!

    Her personal feelings make her unable to objectively carry out her role properly as Speaker of The House. Everything Pelosi says and does is motivated by her rabid hatred of Trump. What we are currently witnessing is truly unprecedented. Never before in the history of this country have we...
  3. Umbrella Girl

    Why Are Horror Movies So Popular?

    I have heard that many people like horror movies because they derive some sort of thrill from being scared. But I think it goes much deeper...and much darker...than that. I'm not talking about old school horror movies such as "Frankenstein" and "Dracula", although I'm sure even those are not...
  4. Umbrella Girl

    Question About Photos

    Are we able to post photos which we ourselves have taken? And if so, how?
  5. Umbrella Girl

    “The dogma lives loudly within you.“

    Senator Diane Feinstein to Trump’s likely Supreme Court choice, Amy Comey Barrett: “The dogma lives loudly within you.” I would actually take that statement as a SUPREME COMPLIMENT... That my belief in and committment to Jesus Christ is quite evident for all to see... :cloud9
  6. Umbrella Girl

    Golden Stars In Sky

    This morning when I left for work at 5:45 am, the sky was very clear and stars were visible... And I noticed two stars which appeared GOLDEN in color. They were at opposite ends of the sky. The first one I saw was towards the southwest, and the second one I saw was towards the northeast... I...
  7. Umbrella Girl

    Feeling Disappointed By God

    Something happened at work this morning, and I haven't been able to shake it off... I had to complete a certain transaction for a customer, and it was somewhat complicated. The person who works in the office, who I would have asked for help, was not available at that time. Since it was at the...
  8. Umbrella Girl

    Trump’s Agenda Labeled “Anti Christ”

    A dear friend of mine, who happens to be a liberal, sent this video to me yesterday. I don’t know how to respond to it. While it may contain a few nuggets of truth, the rest of it is simply liberal “pablum”... She and I usually don’t discuss politics with each other, as we won’t ever see eye...
  9. Umbrella Girl

    How Can I Edit My Screen Name?

    If I want to make a tiny adjustment to my screen name, how can I do that?
  10. Umbrella Girl

    Trump’s Marriage To Melania

    After Melania’s speech at the RNC the other night, the camera switched focus for a few seconds to Trump himself. And I saw a shining look of sincere love on his face for Melania. I believe this marriage of his will be the one that lasts, and hopefully I’m right about that. I also hope that the...
  11. Umbrella Girl

    Question About Catholic Church Buildings

    There are a couple of beautiful Catholic churches near where I live, and I sometimes stop by on my lunch hour or after work to sit inside these churches for a little while, to have some private "one on one" time with our Lord. The reason is because it's peaceful and quiet in there, as I'm...
  12. Umbrella Girl

    Married To A Carnal Christian

    I've NO doubt that my husband is saved. In fact, he is the one whom God used to lead me to Jesus back in 1996, a fact which never ceases to amaze when I think about it, given the circumstances from which he came from... Yet he is what I consider a carnal Christian. He hangs out with people...
  13. Umbrella Girl

    Uninterested In, Afraid of, Or Turned Off By Talk Of The Rapture

    It’s amazing - and not in a good way. In my life, there is no Christian who I know “in person” with whom I can talk about end times issues, the Rapture, and my excitement in waiting upon Jesus’ return. Not even at my church. It’s like everybody around me is walking around in a fog, in a...
  14. Umbrella Girl

    Rapture Ridicule

    Usually when I tell people about the Rapture, they either pacify me by making a half-hearted attempt to listen, or they come right out and tell me that the entire thing sounds like a lame sci-fi “B” movie. Because they ridicule it, I often struggle to talk about the Rapture with them...:zipit...
  15. Umbrella Girl

    Hope For Those Who Seem To Die In Unbelief

    I believe that we really do not know what may take place between God and an unsaved soul in the hours or minutes before they pass from this life. Who knows...perhaps Jesus may minister to them directly, in a dream or vision, giving them one, final opportunity to receive Him as Lord and Savior...
  16. Umbrella Girl

    The Hope We Cling To

    I’m going through such an absolutely HORRENDOUS season of life right now, and the ONLY thing keeping me going for yet another day, yet another hour, is our blessed hope, our blessed assurance in HIS SOON AND IMMINENT RETURN... :gaah:monkeydance:wooo:woohoo
  17. Umbrella Girl

    God's Interactions with People in Modern Times

    Why do you think God no longer interacts with humans as He did in Biblical days, in ways which included very obvious means, such as physical manifestations, audible voices, and angels speaking on His behalf?
  18. Umbrella Girl

    My Two Cents’ Worth

    The corona virus is really NOT the problem. The REAL problem is the highly contagious, RIDICULOUS panic which has been triggered over a virus which is NO worse than any other pandemic we EVER had in the past, including the one we had back in 2009, and several which took place throughout the...
  19. Umbrella Girl

    The Spiritual Blindness of The Jews

    According to Romans 11:25, the Jews were spiritually blinded by God Himself in order to bring in the Gentiles. I have a couple of questions about this... If God Himself blinded the Jews, then how can He hold them responsible for their unbelief? Why did God have to blind the Jews in order to...
  20. Umbrella Girl

    The Sword of The Lord...Living and Active

    According to Hebrews 4:12, the Word of God is living and active. What exactly does that mean for the life of each believer on a personal and practical level?