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    Trump: Avoid Gathering in groups of more than Ten people Topline: President Donald Trump announced new guidance Monday that all Americans, including the young and healthy, should avoid gathering in groups of...
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    You might want to do that for sake of other's fear, but for you I'd meditate on Psalm 91... as a matter of fact we probably all can :)
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    I'm not 100% in...

    Hey Daniel, hope you're still following this thread. I hope some of these answers helped! What really stuck with me was your questions about why people suffer etc, why children die? Let me share you my story: I grew up as a son to a family of Jehovah's Witnesses, long story short my mom died...
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    Get ready for a wild ride on the World Markets tomorrow

    As someone who does actually study financial charts. I can tell you abit about what the stock market is doing. If you take a look at this picture below from 2009 until today. As you can see the blue line below is called a "trendline". Markets move in up or down trends all...
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    Trump Praised Gay “Marriage” on Eve of India Visit

    There are Christians out there that think evolution is possible... It doesn't mean they are not a Christian but just on a smaller dose of faith in the word. I think Trump is Christian... but its like you said God can use anyone, and typically he uses people with glaring character flaws.
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    Bernie or Biden?

    Biden, because socialism needs a figurehead to slip in, not an activist.... He already backs the 'Green new deal'.
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    The beasts that rise from the earth and the sea

    Good analysis, because I'm sure after the rapture happens humanity is going to be dumbfounded and they will need answers from someone who's going to lie to them.
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    The beasts that rise from the earth and the sea

    Not only that but if you read Zechariah chapter 14 some nations will still disobey and refuse to worship God at the feast of tabernacles during the millennium and be punished with no rain.
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    Is drinking alcohol a sin?

    As someone who had an old life as an alcoholic I know the difference between drinking and aiming to be drunk. Habakkuk 2:15-17 gives you that example. A drunkard is a person who aims to enhance a sinful nature by the use of alcohol.... In other words they delight in being drunk. Or they need to...
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    Rush has Advanced Lung Cancer

    Not sure if I care for Rush or not. Too many negro references for my taste. Hope he recover's and gets saved.
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    Former NBA superstar Kobe Bryant killed in helicopter crash

    Very sad and tragic event Kobe was a good man. Yeah he was caught in the Devil’s snare at one point but we all do. He was attending communion before he boarded his flight. Hopefully he was saved and is with our Lord now along with his daughter.
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    Trump plan would see Palestinian state on up to 70% of West Bank, reports say
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    Trump plan would see Palestinian state on up to 70% of West Bank, reports say

    The real one is out now, it would basically give Jerusalem to Israel entirely.
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    David Webb: Like California and New York, New Jersey sees residents fleeing from higher taxes

    I just fled NJ yesterday lol. Moving to Alabama... much lower living expenses! But crime is higher, ah well.
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    Is this a sin or not?

    God seems to be more concerned with the why rather than the what.... But I gotta say man that was a great scenario... Bro you need a writing career :spidey
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    Australia bushfires: New Zealand skies turned bright orange by smoke

    ^ I saw this too, the climate change alarmists have already attributed the fires to their doomsday theory.... But it looks like its human malice is largely responsible. smh...
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    Trump orders attack that kills Iranian Gen. Qassim Soleimani

    They aren't angry about this action at all me-thinks... but they play like that on T.V. and Twitter of course.
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    Trump orders attack that kills Iranian Gen. Qassim Soleimani

    While I'm always happy to see evil vanquished.... I cannot shake the suspecting feeling they are trying to lure Donald Trump into a trap here...
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    BREAKING: Multiple Rockets Hit Fortified Green Zone Near U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

    In trading terms there are three types of trades. A trader will calculate proper profit and loss ratio's usually 2:1 w:l or 3:1 and execute his or her trade based upon their strategy. In this scenario the trade looks profitable for a little while but then the trade goes south. The wise trader...