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  1. Bohdan

    Meghan Markle Reportedly "Would Seriously Consider Running for President” If She Gives up Her Title

    Can't really be taken at face value, but it does get her what she wants right now. I refer to sweet sweet publicity.
  2. Bohdan

    Luciferianism - The Dominating Tribulation Religion

    So basically, the natural man trying to be good and thinking well of himself.
  3. Bohdan

    If God Says ‘No More’ to America

    Whatever He wills. And while I do see that America was more Godly in the past, I am not of the school of thought that America was somehow under God's special protection. A lot of countries were more Godly in the past.
  4. Bohdan

    When will life return to normal?

    "Normal" was never anything but a fleeting moment in history. And I do not consider that statement to be cynical or pessimistic. Christ will be here soon even if there is another little bit of "normal" first.
  5. Bohdan

    Evolution funnies.

    Gigantic dinosaur footprints are found on the roof of a cave Nature I hope I'm not being impious, but my first thought was God playing a practical joke in the course of Noah's Flood. :cool3
  6. Bohdan

    Could “Rapture” mean physical death ?

    It will not be a question of all the saved just dropping dead. Whoever heard of such a thing?
  7. Bohdan

    Trump calls for ‘new and updated’ Republican Party platform

    Seriously now, don't they change the platform every time around?
  8. Bohdan

    How can you believe in a God that wants to send most of the world to Hell?

    To those afflicted with original sin, Hell is the default destination and Christ is the way out.
  9. Bohdan

    Why Jehovah Witnesses are so stuck on God's Name

    "Jehovah" is a permutation of God's name that is historically part of European culture. There's even a hymn by JS Bach that uses it (in German). The linguistic sloppiness is a trivial matter and not really all that important. The problem with the "Witness" emphasis is it implicitly...
  10. Bohdan

    Did Anyone Else Hear the Trumpets Today?

    Would they even know why? I mean right away, not eventually.
  11. Bohdan

    George Soros says coronavirus threatens EU's survival

    On the one hand, it's George Soros. He may be wicked but does have the expertise to understand this sort of thing. On the other hand, it's George Soros. He may just be saying it to create exploitable currency fluctuations.
  12. Bohdan

    A snippet of wisdom form C.S. Lewis

  13. Bohdan

    ‘Politically correct’ modifications to prayers do not help the Church to know the truth

    ‘Politically correct’ modifications to prayers do not help the Church to know the truth Peter Kwasniewski's blog at Life Site News Peter Kwasniewski hits another home run. Read the whole article. Comment from me: Many Protestant churches also suffer from this affliction. Pray for saved...
  14. Bohdan

    The Modern Church WANTS to be Nonessential (Roman Catholic)

    The Modern Church WANTS to be Nonessential (The Remnant) Pray for those still in in.
  15. Bohdan

    Americans losing grip on most basic tenets of Christian faith: survey

    Americans losing grip on most basic tenets of Christian faith: survey
  16. Bohdan

    United Methodist Church (UMC) Asking Old People to Worship Someplace Else So They Can Attract a Younger Flock

    Isn't that one of the churches that went full sodomite?
  17. Bohdan

    Its One World dont ya know ....

    They imagine there's no Heaven but are longing for it. Because they are still human.
  18. Bohdan

    Unchurched America

    The position that some sort of God must exist is the default position and pretty much obvious to most people when they think about it. There's a big gap between that and a personal relationship with Christ.
  19. Bohdan

    Settlers: Sovereignty on the rocks unless right-wing coalition formed now

    A "right wing" coalition will not do the trick. The issues will not be resolved more than temporarily until Christ's return.
  20. Bohdan

    Thought for tomorrow (Easter) -- The churches may be empty this year ...

    Easter morning as of this post. He is risen!