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  1. musician for Jesus

    Talking about favorite movies

    Hey everyone let's talk about our favorite movies.
  2. musician for Jesus

    Christ Centered Farm fun

    Hay farmer's. this is a thread for farmers to hang out and horse around and have Christ centred farm fun and talk about God's wonderful animals. Or for anyone wanting to learn about farm life hope y'all enjoy
  3. musician for Jesus

    okay I have a stupid question. Ps still new here

    Ok so ummm I was wondering i know its probably a stupid question but i know it says for the lady's so I was wondering if this for the lady's thread is for teens too? Or adults sorry if this is a stupid question I am still new here so still discovering things out on here I'm 15 almost 16 so...
  4. musician for Jesus

    musicians talk about instruments music and playing for christ

    Hi everyone. So I have finally decided to make a thread were all musicans can talk about music. instruments. songs and playing for Jesus Christ and give eachother inspiration and idea's and encourage people. no matter what instruments you play if you play spoons your welcome!!! I play a few...
  5. musician for Jesus

    Fav song?

    Hi everyone what is y'alls favorite songs? And yes you can post more then one ☺ mine is Road to Zion. by petra Wheel in the sky. by journey Who will you follow. By whitecross Livin on a prayer. By bon jovi It is finished. By petra Can't wait to hear all of y'alls favorites
  6. musician for Jesus

    Posting songs?

    Hi so I was wondering am i aloud to post links of songs from youtube so people can discuss about that song and then post their favorites in the comment or put a up a post were i ask whats your favorite song and you post the link to it and everyone post the link to there favorite song if that...
  7. musician for Jesus

    Will we remember the crucifixion of Jesus after the rapture?

    Ok so mom and I was reading about the rapture and what it will be like after he comes back. so there will be no death no pain no sorrow etc. so i had a thought and this may seem like a stupid question. but since there is going to be no death or pain etc then will we still remember the...
  8. musician for Jesus

    Who do you want to met after meeting jesus? When he comes back

    When Jesus comes back who do you want to meet after meeting him? It can be anyone. famliy member, a famous person, or someone from the Bible. For me it would be David and all the band members of Petra.
  9. musician for Jesus

    the big dinner

    I know this one is strang but what food would you eat first at the big dinner? For me it would be egg rolls that is if he has them ........i hope he dose LOLOLOLOL
  10. musician for Jesus

    Petra fans?

    Are there any petra fans on here?
  11. musician for Jesus

    Hi everyone

    Hi im new here my name is victoria i am a 15 almost 16 year old my mom introduced me to this forum i hope to meet lots of people and chat with other christans my age as well as others and also a bit about my self I love music and love to praise Jesus with my music☺