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  1. Spiritual Armor

    Mandatory Covid vaccine at work

    I can’t get autoimmune system is compromised due to all my autoimmune diseases plus I’m on IVIG. If I was healthy? It depends if they are using aborted fetal tissue and what are the side effects? I say no thanks, my gut is telling me “It’s a twap”!:nurse
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    Do you see everything returning to normal again?

    These are great replies! Thank you so much for commenting everyone. My apologies for not including a “none of the above” option. Sadly I see a major Civil war breaking out in the US if the Lord tarries. But then again the middle East is certainly hot and another major prophecy could be...
  3. Spiritual Armor

    Do you see everything returning to normal again?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering what everyone was feeling about the future. I am so hoping the rapture is going to happen ASAP. I know other events in prophecy tell us that Jesus is that much closer to taking us home. I’m curious what the general consensus is. Maranatha I added 2 additional...
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine?

    Thank you, that is a great way to view what is going on! Boy oh boy is lawlessness abound!
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine?

    No way, this is from a medical source.
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine?

    Yes, this is how I understand what they mean by “mandatory”. Thank you for clearly explaining it. :agree
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine?

    Thank you for all of your answers, I feel a little better, though that word “mandatory” bothers me it only implies if you want to rejoin society and with todays online capabilities, you could get by, by not going to the store to purchase food and supplies (there are lot’s of homebound people)...
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine?

    “This vaccine will be mandatory if you want to rejoin society.” that sentence was part of my email sent to me, that I can’t reveal the person Good point, and love your cute name + avatar ^_^
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine? I feel comfy listing this link above. This should validate my info. I wish I was wrong. Maybe I read it wrong? I can only hope I’m having a nightmare.
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    Will You Take the Mandatory Vaccine?

    Hello my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Yesterday I received an email from a very reliable source confirming that the COVID-19 Vaccine is being worked on and projected to be available end of 2020 or by mid 2021 (I know this is old news but the first time I’ve actually received personal...
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    I’m sorry, that is depressing but at least you have good memories and most likely we won’t be here much longer anyways It sounds like you’d like a game called Sniper Elite 4, it takes place during WW2 and you snipe/sneak/peak/missions it’s a cool game. I love the stealth genre, it seems like...
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    Fauci Fun! Real Reason for Riots ok, Church opening not ok

    :sneakyFauci Exposed It’s highly amusing when he realizes that he can’t lie his way out of it so he keeps trying to avoid the question.:doh
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    Oh the graphics aren’t as beautiful as Red Dead Redemption II. I still haven’t beaten RDRII yet, I like doing all the other fun activities instead of the main storyline. Some great survival games I’ve come across, Conan Exiles, ARK: Evolution Evolved, Subnautica, The Long Dark and Stranded Deep...
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    I thought I had to choose a religion

    Wow! Thanks for sharing, so glad you found the real deal which is Jesus Christ, our Lord & Savior & coming soon to descend with a shout near you. Yay!:yeah
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    John Saxon passed away

    I started watching this channel that only shows programming from the 1960s and into the 70s, I got tired of watching regular TV. Though I can’t get into Bonanza, I noticed John Saxon usually always played the bad guy. I thought he had a beautiful face, very handsome.
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    Getting to know each other

    Hey girls you all seem like a delight ^_^ It’s wonderful to know more about you Anath/Susan! Does anyone here know what happened to a certain beloved member called Pastiche? She use to frequent the raptureforums here years ago, I believe she was Canadian and she started a fan club dedicated to...
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    is there anything that makes you hair grow faster?

    I started losing a lot of hair from the IVIG and it freaked me out! I mean it’s hard being a woman losing hair, I can’t imagine what a cancer patient must go through. My derm told me to use something called Elon Matrix 5000 works wonders! After using it for 2 years my hair is back to being thick...
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    Who is mattfivefour?

    I know your wife must be so happy now that she is with Jesus. I don’t know how she dealt with so much heartache through her young years. I’m so glad that you both got saved and here I thought all these years you were a Pastor. Your testimony could be an entire mini series. Wow! Thanks for...
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    See a swarm of locust in your room in 3D

    I like your avatar! Elvis, Great voice.
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    Keeping Someone Alive with a Harmful Drug...

    Yeah, it’s crazy how many strange medical issues exist. Thank you for your input. :thumbup