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    The electoral scenario that I fear

    Well I'm not worried so much about them fleeing to red states as I am about the states they left behind that might have gone red but will stay blue since all the red voters left at once
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    The electoral scenario that I fear

    With the riots happening in mostly swing states at the moment, I have noticed a lot of folks clamoring to get out and move to other states. I have a bad feeling that this could lead to all the swing states going blue simply because all the trump voters will have left earlier leaving nothing but...
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    A Woman Rides the Beast

    My only problem with the beast being a "system" and not a man is that both the beast and false prophet are thrown into the lake of fire at the end. Systems don't go to the lake of fire. People do.
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    Eternal Security And Eternal Life

    I was having a discussion about this a few weeks ago with a friend. I said "When one is born into this world, they are a child of their earthly father. No matter what they do or where they go they never cease to be their father's child". He said "well a child can divorce their parents" I...
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    Disillusioned about my church

    I have recently wondered what in the world happened to the church? When I was a child growing up in the 1970s and 80s, church was a time to praise and worship. There were pews, hymnals, altars, choirs, worship leaders. Grown men wore suits and ties. Ladies wore dresses and little boys wore...
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    Could “Rapture” mean physical death ?

    I was having a discussion just the other day with someone who doesn't believe in the rapture because the bible says every person is appointed to die once then the judgement. He also thinks it's a contradiction in the bible that enoch and elijah were both taken to heaven without dying. Well...
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    You can learn a lot from children

    I just thought I'd share something I have learned lately. I've often questioned myself on my faith... is it genuine? Was my prayer sincere enough? Did God hear me? Did I say the right words. Just what does genuine faith in God look like? Well a few nights ago I was visiting a friend of...
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    What’s everyone doing to pass the time?

    It's a hobby of mine. When I was younger my dream was to be a film and tv jingle composer but it never panned out.
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    What’s everyone doing to pass the time?

    I am working on a soft piano and string mix with a few woodwinds similar to the style of the forrest gump theme if that makes sense. I am also working on a fast paced old west style piece.
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    The Lord will provide

    One day a farmer was tending his crops when a storm came and it started raining heavily. Soon the water was over the farmer's ankles when a stranger drove up in a pickup and said "This storm is a big one and this whole valley is going to flood severely. Come with me and I will take you to dry...
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    What is your favorite Church memory?

    About ten years ago I was visiting a church for the first time listening to the sermon. It was just like any other sunday except there was a young mother with her baby a few rows down and the child kept crying and making noise. People around her started looking her direction with a disgusted...
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    What’s everyone doing to pass the time?

    Sitting at my keyboard writing some orchestral music...or trying to anyway. Also my homemade wine is almost finished fermenting.
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    This seems like a nice neighborly forum. I'm glad I found it.
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    God and the scientists

    A group of scientists were arguing with God one day saying, "This world no longer needs you God. We have cured diseases, fed the poor, and we can even create life". "Is that so" God replied... "Ok let's have a little man making contest you and I... but we will do it the same way I did back in...
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    God and the fisherman

    One day there was a man who, after waking up on a warm sunny spring monday morning, decided he would rather go fishing than go to work. He called in sick to his boss, then lied to his wife telling her he was going to work. So he kissed her good morning then climbed in his pickup and drove to...
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    Good afternoon y'all. It's a real pleasure to meet everybody and my name is Jay