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    The electoral scenario that I fear

    With the riots happening in mostly swing states at the moment, I have noticed a lot of folks clamoring to get out and move to other states. I have a bad feeling that this could lead to all the swing states going blue simply because all the trump voters will have left earlier leaving nothing but...
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    You can learn a lot from children

    I just thought I'd share something I have learned lately. I've often questioned myself on my faith... is it genuine? Was my prayer sincere enough? Did God hear me? Did I say the right words. Just what does genuine faith in God look like? Well a few nights ago I was visiting a friend of...
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    The Lord will provide

    One day a farmer was tending his crops when a storm came and it started raining heavily. Soon the water was over the farmer's ankles when a stranger drove up in a pickup and said "This storm is a big one and this whole valley is going to flood severely. Come with me and I will take you to dry...
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    God and the scientists

    A group of scientists were arguing with God one day saying, "This world no longer needs you God. We have cured diseases, fed the poor, and we can even create life". "Is that so" God replied... "Ok let's have a little man making contest you and I... but we will do it the same way I did back in...
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    God and the fisherman

    One day there was a man who, after waking up on a warm sunny spring monday morning, decided he would rather go fishing than go to work. He called in sick to his boss, then lied to his wife telling her he was going to work. So he kissed her good morning then climbed in his pickup and drove to...
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    Good afternoon y'all. It's a real pleasure to meet everybody and my name is Jay