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    Earthquake in Hawaii

    The birth pangs of earthquakes are certainly increasing at a good clip: Earthquake hits off Hawaii's coast -
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    Earthquakes increasing in.... Oklahoma???

    You heard right...we are seeing an increase in earthquakes here in Oklahoma. Here is the link: Whole Lotta Shaking Going On In Lincoln County|NewsChannel 8
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    Quake hits off Cayman Islands

    More earthquakes in various places... Quake hits off Cayman Islands -
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    Earthquake Shakes Portions Of Oklahoma Friday

    Interesting how all of these quakes (large and small) are happening right's the link: Earthquake Shakes Portions Of Oklahoma Friday|NewsChannel 8
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    Jimmy DeYoung's perspective on the new EU President

    Here is a good article from Mike Mickey's site written by him and Jimmy Deyoung regarding the selection of the new EU President. Interesting stuff... EU Selects New President
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    Volcanoes Erupt in Japan and Russia, Spreading Ash

    Here's the link: and here:
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    Understanding Prophecy

    I just received this e-mail from Randall Price's ministry and wanted to share it with you guys. Have a great weekend, and KEEP LOOKING UP!!! :hug2: Dear Friends of World of the Bible, Greetings in the new year! We pray all is well with you and your families. We at WBM would like...
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    How do I get one?

    Tonight I saw the little "male" and "female" indicators beside member names....they are soooooo cute!!! How do I get one? Thanks!:hug2:
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    When I picked my name, I meant it!

    Since we have so many new members here I thought I would take a minute to let them get to know me a bit. My name is Shelle and I have been a Christian since I was 15. That's...let me do the math...26 years now that I have been walking with the Lord. Or, should I say, He's been walking with me...
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    Could we quickly remove the trolls please?????

    Have we been inundated here lately with trolls, or is it just me being paranoid and cranky??? :twitch I am sick of it at this point and just had to vent!!! These people need to GO and GO quickly!!!!! My head's about to spin off!!!!! :thumbdown:nono:gunner::mad::mob:rules:police...
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    More 5.0 + earthquakes

    Today there was a 5.1 earthquake in Mindanao, Phillipines. And, here's a list of the 5.0 + earthquakes in the last 7 days. Link:
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    Just got a NASTY PM....

    Just thought I'd throw this out here. I just got a nasty, vile PM from someone who, lets just say, doesn't appear to know Jesus and thinks we're loons (that would be the nice, watered down version). So, Admins, what should we do when we get these? This is my first experience with this....:scratch: