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  1. cheeky200386

    Conversations with Unbelieving Siblings

    I just had a long conversation with my youngest brother after he called me to "enlighten me". He lives in LA and is extremely liberal in his beliefs. He knows my views on the Coronavirus being politicized, not trusting world organizations like the CDC, the WHO, Fauci, and regarding wearing...
  2. cheeky200386

    Pregnancy Weight Gain

    Hi Ladies! I'm 13 weeks pregnant and seeing my weight go up is causing me so much anxiety. I started off heavier than I would have liked, right at the high end of my healthy weight range and a few pounds from being overweight. Now the thought of gaining even more weight is upsetting me. Seeing...
  3. cheeky200386

    Escaping MA/USA?

    With everything going on in the USA from the hatred and rise of defunding Police, to a possible mandatory covid vaccine, my husband and I have started to talk about leaving MA or the USA. Now with a baby on the way, the decision seems ever more important. We want to have the freedom to be off...
  4. cheeky200386

    Learning of Daughter's Molestation

    I need help. I'm in shock right now. My 16 year old step daughter just told my husband and I that his brother was molesting her. He started when she was 6 years old and stopped years later. We are both angry and just in shock. I have been sobbing for hours and crying out to God to help me...
  5. cheeky200386

    Help to Witness in Accounting Class

    I'm taking a Business Law for my Accounting Certificate. I have been asking God to open an opportunity to share the Gospel and plant seeds in any way. The class is online but there is a discussion section we complete every week. This is the final week and it looks like there is a question that...
  6. cheeky200386

    Silent Prayers

    I've always wondered, does God hear our silent prayers in our head? On days that I'm fasting or just wanting to pray for long periods of time, I find it difficult to keep talking out loud. I'm curious if mental prayers "count" or if they aren't the same.
  7. cheeky200386

    Spiritual Heaviness

    I've noticed that I often feel like I take 2 steps forward with sharing the Gospel, praying, fasting, and or reading the bible only to end up feeling a heaviness for days. I've been feeling weary this past week and am hoping it's just hormonal. Motivation has been difficult for me this past week...
  8. cheeky200386

    Gospel Message for Sign

    I'm planning to go out with a friend and stand on a the sidewalk of a busy street with signs. I have been trying to come up with some clever phrases to show Jesus' love and it dawned on me that I wasn't asking God on this matter. I prayed and was led to read 1 Corinthians 1:17-24. The Lord knows...
  9. cheeky200386

    Have you ever seen an Angel?

    To continue with InsuranceGuy's theme. I have to ask, have you ever seen an Angel? I believe I saw one as a young child about 7/8 years old. I was in a Catholic mass with my classroom. I was deeply in prayer when I decided to look up. When I did that, I saw this human figure sitting on the...
  10. cheeky200386

    Relationships in Heaven

    I know there won't be marriage in heaven. I believe that the Bible also says we won't remember life on Earth (I have to verify it says that). I wonder if we'll know who our spouses were and family members or if we'll just know everyone the same without memories of the past. What do you guys think?
  11. cheeky200386

    Marital Separation Sin?

    I've been married for 7 years now and have wanted to separate for some time now from my husband. Even before becoming a Christian (since 2016). He is addicted to Alcohol, Tobacco, and is an unbeliever. I'm tired of the resentment when I tell him to stop drinking or chewing tobacco. He knows the...
  12. cheeky200386

    From Angry Feminist & Christian hater to Follower of Jesus Christ

    I've been a silent follower on here for at least a year now and just recently a few months created a profile. I'm a private person but have been asked to post my testimony. My hope is that this will bring God all the Glory. My name is Christine and I'm originally from NY. I was born in Queens...
  13. cheeky200386

    Help With Ever-Increasing Company Boycott List

    It seems like 2019 was the year of boycotting for me. Many companies I frequently supported, like Chik-fil-A, Target, Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble have shown their hatred for God in their compromising messages. I really wish I could support Christian owned companies with my daily purchases but I...
  14. cheeky200386

    Unbelieving Husband Conflicts

    I'm really struggling being married to an unbeliever. I came to Christ after we were already married and it has been source of contention ever since. I'm not surprised as I know Jesus brought a sword dividing households, but it is still difficult. As I become more bold in my faith and start...
  15. cheeky200386

    Patience & Grace Difficult People

    My name is Christine and I am new to posting in this forum. This past week I have realized more and more how little patience I have for people who thrive on pity parties or who seek to blame others for their problems. How do others wrestle with this and find more grace and patience? I personally...