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  1. so-blessed

    Trouble accessing the forum

    I haven't been here for ages as I couldn't get anywhere near the forum. I just got repeated message saying website cannot be reached. I tried different browsers too. Finally I've just got here by going onto Rapture Ready home page and clicking the link to the forum. Is it just me? Don't suppose...
  2. so-blessed


    You may have heard this but.... what do we have that Adam never had? Ancestors!
  3. so-blessed

    Greek lexicon

    Can anyone tel me which is the best Greek lexicon (pref online) to use please? I have Strongs and also use Bible Hub interlinear but want to be sure I'm getting the best translation as I often hear teaching that although correct, seems to have much better rendering of the Greek to expand the...
  4. so-blessed

    First stand up gig

    So I was thinking that this joke tellin' think ain't so hard and I might try my hand at stand up. Managed to find an agent but the only gig he could get me was in Pompeii. I decided not to do it as I heard they were a hard crowd (sorry couldn't resist that one!)
  5. so-blessed


    I absolutely cannot stand snakes. I think it's something about their lack of feet that repels me. Guess that makes me lack-toes intolerant!?
  6. so-blessed

    Israel based charities

    Just wonder if anyone knows any sound organisations based in Israel that support the IDF members or have an outreach specifically to them? There is one group I found that supports IDF members that don't live I Israel and have no family there, it is Jews and Christian's international, I think...
  7. so-blessed

    Isaiah 55:12

    Whilst singing the wonderful worship song based on this scripture, I got to wondering if the trees will literally clap their hands. I know they don't have hands obviously! But what will the trees be doing, is it literal? A simple reading of the the scripture makes it clear this is a Millenial...
  8. so-blessed

    Finding a church

    I said I don't post much but here am I already! I am in conversation with a lady online via a secular forum (connected to health issues) which is a place I'd never normally be, but out of the blue after only one post from me with a query, this lady sent me a PM. As our messages have gone along...
  9. so-blessed

    Over from RR-BB

    So I see that by the end of the month, the sister site at RR will merge with this one. Whilst it's sad to see that the site had dwindled in the last few years, it's good to see some of the familer names over here. So hello to those of you I knew at RR and hello to those here I don't yet know...
  10. so-blessed

    What should we do?

    Can you help, brothers & sisters with something that came up tonight during a time of fellowship with two believers we know? We've known them just over a year & they are in our house church every week. They are a quiet shy couple & it's taken a long time to get to know them. When we 1st met them...
  11. so-blessed

    When is a servant not a servant?

    We've been very blessed the last year in our house group with the bible teacher we have. We are currently going through parables & have learnt some really important things which have put right a lot of bad teaching from the past. That was until last night. We did Matthew 25 parable of the...
  12. so-blessed

    what are believers doing now in heaven??

    We've had some very strange comments from believers we've known for years, since my dad & DH's mum went home to be with the Lord. Most we have just ignored - such as ones who have said we cannot know for sure when a believer dies, they go straight to be with the Lord :doh: However, would you be...
  13. so-blessed

    Hello from the UK

    Hello from the sunny South. I've been reading here for a long time but finally joined at last. I recognise a lot of members names from RR-BB but look forward to fellowshipping with those I don't yet know. I've been saved about 13 years now. I was an atheist, but the Lord graciously called me to...