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  1. yeshua'sbride

    ♥ Standing with Israel 62 From Connecticut
  2. katt

    Well-Known Member From USA
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  3. Andiamo

    "Let's go!" From United States
  4. cheymat

    New Member From PNW
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  5. Les St. Amand

    Well-Known Member From Winnipeg Manitoba
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  6. ShilohRose

    Well-Known Member
  7. Redemeed612

    Member From NC
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  8. shane

    Fellow Believer From The Lone Star State
  9. Ghoti Ichthus

    Pray so they do not serve alone. Ephesians 6:10-20 From United States
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  10. SkyRider

    Well-Known Member From East Tennessee
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  11. Leigh

    Well-Known Member From SE US
  12. greg64

    Well-Known Member 57 From Michigan
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  13. RogerThat

    Well-Known Member 48 From Atlanta, GA
  14. LoudRam77

    Well-Known Member From South Jersey
  15. JustLikeHeaven

    Active Member From Florida
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  16. Jared

    Well-Known Member
  17. ReadyOrNot

    Well-Known Member From Illinois
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  18. HisGloryIsPrecious

    Well-Known Member From New York
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  19. Solomon Kane

    Well-Known Member
  20. M. Hawbaker

    New Member From USA
  21. mattfivefour

  22. bigmoose

    Well-Known Member From Northern Ohio, USA
  23. Moses06

    Well-Known Member From Florida
  24. usoutpost31

    Well-Known Member From Winkler MB Canada
  25. Perpetualbug

    Member From Indianapolis, IN
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  26. Eastxn

    Well-Known Member From East Texas
  27. Raajj35

    Well-Known Member From Oklahoma
  28. LGlenn

    New Member From Mount Dora, FL
  29. caligal

    Well-Known Member From Pensacola, Fla.
  30. heisable2

    Well-Known Member From Ocala, Florida
  31. lightofmylife

    Blessed Hope-Prepare To Fly! From Independence, Mo
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  32. Chris

    Administrator From Pensacola, Florida
  33. TheRedeemed

    Well-Known Member From Scotland
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  34. Spartan Sprinter 1

    Formerly known as Shaun From Australia
  35. cws60

    New Member From South Carolina USA
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  36. Hopeland

    Member From Hopeland, PA
  37. Judy4Jesus

    God is GOOD! 57 From South Dakota
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  38. Kenny

    Well-Known Member From Texas (All over the place)
  39. Jan51

    Well-Known Member From Northern Nevada
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  40. lismore

    Well-Known Member
  41. Nelsond777

    New Member From Clearwater Largo Florida
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