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      ZAGS reacted to lightofmylife's post in the thread Christ Will Return with Like Like.
      It is clear to me that scripture teaches the :rapture pre-trib rapture. We are already there when :fish comes back on white horses...
    • ZAGS
      ZAGS replied to the thread That's When They Knew.
      She looked at the clock as she led the elderly woman back to the chair at her station. As she removed the rollers from her hair the...
    • ZAGS
      ZAGS replied to the thread Somebody tell a joke, Please.
      The Macys Thanksgiving Parade may be cancelled this year due to concerns that Bo Jiden may order the balloons shot down. :)
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      ZAGS reacted to Ghoti Ichthus's post in the thread Time Change This Weekend with Like Like.
      We'll miss an hour of :cloud9 :frown And as a result of sleep disturbances and shortfalls, there will be more traffic and industrial...
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