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    Senate blocks "Born Alive" Bill

    “Opponents of the bill argued that it represented an unjustified attack on abortion rights, preventing doctors from exercising their best medical judgment and exposing them to possible lawsuits or prosecution.” Once the child is born it is no longer part of the woman... so.... I don’t...
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    Questions from children.

    Kids are funny and ask some interesting questions. What are some questions your kids have asked. Question: Do angels fart? My boys are obsessed with bodily functions. They’re 4 and 10.
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    My sweet, sweet Sophia

    I’m not going to give any details because I’m pretty sure that’s against the rules but when I was 5 I drowned in a swimming pool and was gone for a little while. All I can tell you is that Gods got her. It’s okay to feel sad for yourself and miss her but she is in the best place possible. I had...
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    "Blood" springs from earth after earthquake in Turkey

    It’s not actually blood. It’s just the same color. Algae, mineral and chemicals can do that.
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    Screwy Louie at it again

    Does anyone actually believe him?
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    Eh.... the hatred

    Hearing... seeing and feeling all this hatred in the world is becoming so overwhelming. And oddly enough I scare people with my kindness. Like seriously they think I’m up to no good because I’m “too” nice. A girl actually told me that no one is that nice. Makes me feel like a weirdo. But I can’t...
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    A Christian Living in Sin

    I think I would just sit down and give them the gospel and tell them that I would be there to answer any questions they might have. If you’re not sure if someone is a Christian because of their lifestyle the best thing I think is giving them the message and letting the Holy Spirit intervene.
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    Bible Prophecy Update – January 26th, 2020

    you can also just look up JD Farag on YouTube and his channel will come up.
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    Did the devil want Jesus crucified?

    I always thought that maybe Satan believed the way the Pharisees did. So if he could kill Jesus before fulfilling the whole prophecy then man wouldn’t be saved. But idk.
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    Bible Prophecy Update – January 26th, 2020

    I’ve been watching him for years now. He seems pretty solid theology wise.
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    Problem Sibling. Help!

    I would move. Grab your other roommates with you and let the no it all keep the place. I realize that may not be possible for you but it doesn’t sound like a healthy environment for you.
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    Christian school expels girl over rainbow shirt and birthday cake, family says

    I disagree with expelling her. The rainbow is a representation of Gods promise way before it was LGBT. Unless she’s in that lifestyle I think they should have left it alone. Unless she’s wearing it to school... then they could ask nicely not to wear it if it’s a problem. It feels like an...
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    Meghan Markle plans to move to Los Angeles only after Trump leaves office, report

    But if all she sees is what the media puts out do you really blame her? She’s not in Los Angeles where she came from. Imagine what a shock if will be going down poo avenue.
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    Meghan Markle plans to move to Los Angeles only after Trump leaves office, report

    I really dislike all the hate against them. Without Jesus they are going to think like that. At least they are staying out of our politics by not voting. She is still an American citizen and I really think people should mind their own business. They try to be private. Tabloids, media have made...
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    Pelosi To Send Articles Of Impeachment To Senate Next Week

    I have a feeling they are going to cheat somehow.