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    The parents of the Beast (Antichrist)

    In order to trick the Jews into believing he’s their messiah, I’d think he’d have a link to David and be a Jew. Maybe a very clever Rabi.
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    Witnessed to a Jehovah's Witness today

    Everytime I do that they never come back. I give the gospel and they are nice and all... but I never see them again after that.
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    Struggling with a church, state, and Romans 13 issue

    In my own opinion... it should be a choice and not a requirement. However, I do think it’s wise to play it safe. Being careful doesn’t mean you don’t trust God. It’s protection for the people who don’t believe. Can’t tell you how bad I’d feel if I gave an unsaved person the virus and they died...
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    Praise and Worship songs in churches of today vs past

    I write my own songs. Let me tell you it is hard! I feel that some of those songs are great for some people but others need something else. There are so many different types of people and believers. Weak songs can bring weak Christians close to God. I know that doesn’t sound good but it’s about...
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    Having a sacred assembly.

    My pastor is holding a large prayer meeting in my town. He rented a field in order to keep the social distancing order. He got permission from our local government. Last Sunday he said he felt called by God to do this. Other pastors here are getting involved. It’s exciting in my opinion. He was...
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    Rapture Ridicule

    I had a pastor tell me that it won’t happen until one believer is left. His reasoning was that Noah was the only faithful man left when the flood came. (That his family didn’t believe but was saved because they obeyed Noah) and because lot was the only believer left in Sodom. So he basically...
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    The Have’s and the Have Not’s

    My parents and I lived in a camper with my grandfather. A tiny one with only two twin beds in it. I grew up with not so much but I was pretty content for the most part. I feel they are doing this because they feel entitled to what they want. I feel they think because their ancestors suffered...
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    Kanye West no longer supports Trump, says Biden not 'special'

    Mmmm well I’d take Mr. West over Biden but I still think that’s nuts... my husband’s favorite movie is called idiocracy. (Not a godly movie) but this movie is like a prophecy. Like seriously. The people in the movie are stupid, vulgar and almost a reflection of what we have now. But the funny...
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    Has Anyone Else Currently Lost a Lot of Things That You Used to do?

    Mmmm welll.... besides the festivals that were cancelled.... I gained back all the weight I lost prior to the quarantine. With nothing to do and all the stress I ate my feelings and gained 15-20lbs
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    The rapture timing in the past...

    Years ago... I heard some really strange sounds coming from the sky. I can’t explain what it sounded like just that it wasn’t anything I ever heard before. I stood outside staring hoping that was the shout from God but nothing happened. The good thing about this was that I wasn’t the only person...
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    Anyone on here listen to Tony Evans?

    I’ve done a bible study from him. Seemed solid to me.
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    Starting To See Real Racism

    Maybe I’m supposed to be Canadian then cause I get “your TOO nice” all the time. They think I want something when I’m just being me.
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    BLM comes for "White" Jesus and Christianity

    I have a post about that idea.. and again I will always say the Jesus isn’t white supremacy but divine supremacy. He is above all and superior to everyone. But we are all equal in Gods eyes. They just want to use this opportunity and hot climate to take Jesus down. I don’t believe it’s because...
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    Starting To See Real Racism

    I have a black neighbor next to me that I’ve never met. I talked to his wife and two twin daughters but haven’t had a chance to really talk to him. As a white person... it’s hard to know when it’s okay to approach because we are accused of racism being too nice. It’s actually happened to me...
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    Boy Scouts Back BLM, Make “Diversity” Badge Mandatory

    My son wanted to join the scouts.... I thought about asking my pastor to see if men from the church would start a group going by the old scout manuals. You know where they actually learn skills instead of feelings. Could call it the Jesus scouts lol.