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    In first, Pope Francis publicly endorses same-sex civil unions

    Not surprised, but still..barf.
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    Musical Criminality .....

    This is the song that doesn’t end...
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    Go Dodgers

    Rockies fan, here. We always suffer at the hands of the Dodgers, so I unfortunately I must denounce the Dodgers at all costs. Kidding, lol. But seriously, go Rays :)
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    Microsoft's Windows 10 is breaking PCs

    Happened to me at work. Had to completely reinstall the sound drivers.
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    Why Pro-Life Evangelical Pastor Joel Hunter Is Voting For Biden

    I will not equate the value of life with other policies and will never be convinced that those other said policies are somehow on the same level of importance. This is garbage.
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    5 Things You Should Know About How God Sees You

    Yes. It’s easy for me to tell people that God has forgiven them, but sometimes hard for me to grasp that about myself. Truly I must give Paul a run for his money on being the chief of sinners. God has really shown me a lot recently about how I should view myself and overall, I think this is...
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    What If Biden-Harris Win?

    That is good advice, thank you
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    What Book of the Bible Are You In Now and What Are You Getting Out of It?

    I’m reading through the New Testament, starting with Matthew and will just continue reading through Revelation. Currently I’m in Luke, and this may seem like a silly thing to get out of the Bible, but when I read through Matthew, it struck me that Jesus had Paul catch a fish, and that fish had...
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    Gog dispensationalist vs other views

    Sudan? I’m so shocked. Totally shocked. Never saw this coming. #wow. :P
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    What If Biden-Harris Win?

    Thank you for making me laugh. I don’t laugh a whole lot anymore
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    Another Trump Supporter Shot and Killed by Antifa Man

    There is video of Antifa celebrating this man’s death. The antifa member was screaming at the patriot and telling him to mace him. As soon as he did, he shot. Murder.
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    Media blames Trump for inciting militia group's alleged kidnapping plot against Whitmer

    It’s interesting they blame him for it, because the leader of that group can be seen all over the internet touting himself as an anarchist. Videos even of him with the anarchist flag in the background.
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    Pelosi questions Trump's health, says ‘we’re going to be talking about the 25th Amendment’

    This is just headline vomit. Only the president or the Vice President can initiate this. It will never happen and she knows it.
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    I Didn’t Want to Speak in This Church

    I’m not a pastor, and have no business being one, to be honest. But this year especially I have felt a VERY strong push from the Lord to share the gospel and to nudge my fellow Christians to be sharing as well. I do it in the best way I know how, but it seems to often fall on deaf ears. A...
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    New York Times slammed for suggesting Trump might not remain on ballot after coronavirus diagnosis

    In this scenario I would simply state my username to them and walk away.