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    'Biblical' swarms of giant crickets ravage western US crops

    Mormon crickets don't come to my door any more. The JW roaches are still pests once in a while. There was a quarter moonie out the other night though. I apologize. Jeff
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    Building the Third Temple

    I know the Jews will see the third temple as valid but until Jesus dedicates it I'm not getting on that bandwagon. If prophecy says it's blessed and fully empowered again to function as the ritual requirement of Judaism I must have missed that somehow. Jeff
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    Simply put, if your trying to spiritually communicate with someone other than Jesus then you are in violation of Gods rules in Deuteronomy. All the fancy-pants theology in Rome can't splain that away. We are not under "the" law but the fundamental and essential guidelines explained throughout...
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    The Catholic church depends upon a crowd that has an attitude of submission to their claims of authority. A crowd that stays within the formula that had been devised over centuries and will not question that formula. Many Catholics will read up on the common anti-protestant arguments without...
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    I've said this directly to my Catholic wife. I told her that the Lord would decide where the " line" was. Was her faith in her membership in a religion enough? Was her faith in following rituals, attending mass, EARNING grace through sacraments, DOING penance, praying decade after repetitive...
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    Pentagon considers using SpaceX for fleet of militarized Starships

    I want to reconfigure a deflector dish to emit a tachyon beam that peels a space monsters tentacles off my ship just in time to avoid crashing into a black hole. Maybe this is my shot! Jeff
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    Catholics praying to Mary and the saints yet still claim to be Christians

    Also, I wanted to add that the sacrifice offered by the priest during a mass is by definition (CCC) The one same sacrifice that Christ offered on calvary. They just re-present that sacrifice. It's just a way of side stepping the once for all problem. The time and space issue doesn't seem to...
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    Prophetic Synchronicity

    All the way through the article I was thinking about my Catholic relatives who know the bible . The problem is that don't know what they are really looking at. Their daily readings and homilies never tell the whole story or come to a place where they can "see the forest". God alone knows what...
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    IAEA votes to censure Iran, Tehran removes two surveillance cameras

    Oh no, they censured them! Hopefully they don't escalate to the next dangerous level, pointy paper airplanes! Jeff
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    Canada Moves to Ban Sale of Handguns in Sweeping Bill Introduced after Uvalde shooting

    The Canadian mob is licking their chops. Hope the freak Trudeau is ready for a Canadian Al Capone. Jeff
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    is Christadelphians Christian?

    Trudy, I'm glad you made it out. Thanks be to God for deliverance. Jeff
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    Coup to remove cancer-stricken Putin underway in Russia, Ukrainian intelligence chief says

    Russia would pickle Putin and build him a robot body to move when the cameras were on before admitting anything. Nobody within Russia who wanted to live would say a word against Putin right now. All of these rumors don't sound right. Jeff
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    Communist China wants to rule Catholicism in Hong Kong

    Just more communist party infighting. Fran or Xi. Not much difference in the end. Jeff
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    Climate alarmist sets himself on fire

    I think he got the concept of carbon footprint mixed up. Jeff
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    Hamas official: We'll fire 1,111 rockets at Israel in next war

    That is just so over the top dorky. Ooh elevety eleven. I bet he has a missle hood ornament on his Toyota too. Jeff