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    Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty! All threads now merged.

    What would you do if attacked? It sounds like you would be a martyr. One and done. Also, is the precept of a preexisting God given right not recognized here? In our constitution the writers were very clear in establishing the fact that our basic rights as humans were intrinsically God granted...
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    Rome’s Rejection of the Christian Faith

    JoJo, I'm invisible also. My family on my wife's side is all RC. Jeff
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    Rome’s Rejection of the Christian Faith

    The ignorant Catholic who hears about Jesus and ends up not really comprehending the complexities of the religion might be saved. That is the beauty of the true gospel. Even a young child can trust in and know the love of Christ because they can understand the gospel. My God who gave himself...
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    California moves toward ban on gas lawn mowers and leaf blowers

    This kind of foolish pandering lacks any sense of reality. It makes me believe that hairdoo gavin really doesn't have a clue how a rural family lives. Gavin is a pansy. I'd like to give him some toenail clippers and get him hot after a nice thick patch of Idaho weeds. His manicure would be just...
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    Image of what Jesus coming....

    When we are changed we will be like him in our form. Jesus emitted a great deal of light and is described as brilliant as the sun when in His glorified body. The mount of transfiguration comes to mind. I've always thought that the rapture would involve transformation into the spiritual realm...
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    More than 200,000 children sexually abused by French Catholic clergy, damning report finds

    Allowing marriage wouldn't help Rome's priests much. Many are homosexual. Jeff
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    Lawmakers from both parties 'angrily stormed out' of classified Afghanistan briefing

    There is also a possibility that these morons finally figured out that giving out information about the number of potential hostages isn’t smart. This may be the first thing they’ve maybe done correctly. It’s still so sad to see these incompetent leaders outside of a padded cell. Maybe...
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    China sends 19 fighter jets into Taiwan air space

    China will try to dominate their side of the globe. North to South, their aim is to own the whole slice. That's what drives their special animosity towards Australia. Taiwan is in danger during the Biden regime. China knows they are up against the "D" team. If you are thinking about a vacation...
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    Which Catholic Pope Do Catholics Believe?

    I want all of the catholics in my family to believe this. But they have so much pride in their identity as RC that unless they were slapped by Peter himself they would not budge. Even then, I'm not optimistic. Jeff
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    Being a gentleman is now considered sexist

    So, I don't have to hold doors open for trannies? I'm really not sure how to properly virtue signal on the fly like that. I guess it doesn't matter since I'll be wearing a mask. Jeff
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    Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Weeks Away

    There is an important distinction that our leftist regime cannot acknowledge when dealing with the mullahs of Iran. The Iranian regime has an absolute belief in their twelver theology that guides their actions. If biden's bunch were to acknowledge that fact, they would open a can of worms. How...
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    Any "New" Rapture Nearness Indicators?

    The thing that I've noticed as having the potential for the greatest acceleration of the "times" is the real possibility of an Iranian nuclear weapon. If those twelver moonbats get one they will use it. Iran is cozy with Russia. Afghanistan is back in the toilet. Turkey wants to run the middle...
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    What Do the Events in Afghanistan Reveal About Our World?

    Good article. Just for reference: Afghanistan is and has for most recent history been in a state of internal strife and warfare. My grandfather worked there in the 1950's. His estimate was that they are just going to fight whoever is available. Not picky. The real difference that shines...
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    Biden on Kabul suicide bombings: 'We will hunt you down and make you pay'

    Joe's plan isn't to hunt them down and make them pay. It's to hunt the leaders down and pay them! Obama did it so why not Joe? Remember the pallets of cash and riches that Obama gave to Iran? It's how these fools think. Welfare money gets votes right? Why not keep trying? Jeff