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    The 1948 Connection

    Wow. I did not know all that about 1948. I’m excited. Even if we extend the generations to 100 years, we are still going home soon, Yay! - my yay is somewhat tempered by those left behind, including my mother if she tallies.
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    The Identity of the Two Witnesses

    My understanding is it’s Moses and Elijah. But we’ll know soon I hope.
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    My husband went home to Jesus

    Jan, I am so sorry. Losing your husband must have felt truly heart breaking and something of a relief at the same time. I’m sorry I’m so late in sending my condolences, I hadn’t seen the post. :hug
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    Wildfires continue in Australia

    Thank you. The fires are crazy this year. My son lives in Canberra, he is ready to leave whenever, or if they ever have to. Other parts of Australia have had more than their fair share of rain, it’d be just wonderful if that heavy rainfall had fallen on the fires. Trouble is dry air doesn’t...
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    Could 2020 Be a Prophetically Pivotal Year?

    Brilliant Athenasius. I love your input. :)
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    Hello Alice, Thank you for writing and sharing the book. I have enjoyed it very much. Maybe it’ll become a movie one day. :) It is so good to have you on the forum, I’m glad I have had a chance to thank you and those that helped you to write a really good story. :thankyou
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    Alice Childs “Seven” Tribulation survivor story

    Now I’m done. Feel like it missed a little towards the end of the journey back and how life was. I don’t want to give anything away, so I know I’m vague. I’ll miss reading the book and the characters who became dear to me, but that is how it is with books. Thank you so much dear Alice for...
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    Alice Childs “Seven” Tribulation survivor story

    Already done I see. Ignore this. :) Andy, Could you please edit your original post and add in the last chapters link please.? Thank you so much. :book
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    Alice Childs “Seven” Tribulation survivor story

    I’ve finished reading it. I am looking forward to the next five chapters. Hopefully they won’t take long. I have enjoyed this book very much. Aren’t you glad we’re not going to be part of that story? :)
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    When the Unsaved Die

    Very good articles, and thank you Rocky Rivera. Recently I had some thoughts about hell. I realised that James tells us, “Every good thing comes from God” therefore in hell, there will be an absence of good things. No light, no smiles, no fun, no food, no liquid, no family, no sunsets and...
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    Never Again

    The book was gripping. I’d like to read it. Never again.... who ever thought, who could conceive that people would want it to happen again, or not even care if it did.
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    The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy

    I’ve forgotten how to tag... Thank you so much Athenasius, that was totally fascinating and I was quite engaged with all you wrote. Thank you, :)
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    Israel’s Coming Mind-Blowing Gold Riches

    And if they are there, and then they have to be somewhere, along with the ashes of the red heifer that I think they’ll find it will be when the time is right. God can easily, easily make the treasures invisible until He wants them visible.
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    Oh Jan, I am so sorry. A tad envious of your husband, but my heart hurts for you. I’ve been awol off this forum for months but wanted to let you know I’m praying for His grace upon you, as your life begins a new chapter. :hug
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    Finnish parents lose custody of their daughter for refusing sex change treatment

    The mind boggles. As if teens and young adults don’t have enough struggles now, this new crop of children will be completely ruined. And there won’t be any mental health care for them. :(