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    Great Faith for November

    If you don't mind my saying so: I do pray your wrong! But I do have that same fear. :hug
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    Great Faith for November

    Great thing to remember! I am watching the Newtown, Pa rally and Trump seems tired to me. Not his usual self. A minute later...Well, he seems to be perking up now.....joking about how young and 'in shape` he is!! Anyway, I am thinking he works so hard and he is only a man.....he needs to rest...
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    The Election Polls Are Wrong

    I did too! :nerd
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    Intercept co-founder Glenn Greenwald resigns after editors 'censored' article criticizing Joe Biden

    Sad that he is co-founder and they do this. Trump is right...enemy of the people!
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    BREAKING: UPS Responds To Disappearance Of Tucker Carlson Package ‘Damning’ To Biden

    Wouldn't it had to be someone within the postal system that was along the route to LA? But then again when you overnight it doesn't it go directly there?
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    Too magnified to miss

    All the years I have thought about end times; it never occurred to me (till the last 4 yrs) that democrats would be the ones ushering them in. Mind boggling to me. My dad has been gone for years but if he were here I can only imagine what he would be thinking.
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    ‘Confidential Documents’ Obtained By Tucker Carlson On Biden Family Go Missing.

    I sure hope so. It is beyond unnerving to watch all this come out and then nothing come of it.
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    Who's gonna win?

    I think your right. I have noticed Biden supporters don't have a problem getting in your face with their nonsense. So the quiet ones have to be on our side.
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    Millennial Kingdom

    Can't say that I've ever been curious about swimming in a volcano!! But you go girl!!....if there are volcanos in the MK I'm sure they will be safe. Who knows, God might make one just for will be your backyard swimming pool! ;)
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    Millennial Kingdom

    Your weird!!!! :ahaha :hug
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    Who's gonna win?

    Wonder if the reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will be amongst them?
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    Dem Senator - “We must pack the court“

    Good least start the rumor just to watch them explode!
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    Who's gonna win?

    That one in Beverly Hills was amazing......oh how I pray God would miraculously help turn Cali red, the Dems would die.
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    Dem Senator - “We must pack the court“

    I did not realize that many people died with H1N1. I bet they didn't count NON H1N1 as H1N1 deaths. I bet they didn't politicize it the way they do covid. I don't remember them keeping track of all the new cases like they do with covid, broadcasting on every station. There are alot of questions...