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    Anyone else hear about this?

    My mom called and told me the same thing; she heard it on our local station. Had to look up what she was talking about. It must be awful to be dems who know they stole the election and so afraid of the American people they are constantly looking over their shoulder... and turning Washington...
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    Analysis: The Johnson & Johnson Vaccine News Is Huge

    I wouldn't be able to visit until MK anyway. But I can't wait to go then.....I'll meet you there! In my city there are 3 pharmacies giving vaccines. 1 is out and the other 2 are so backed up and aren't taking appointments. So it will be awhile here
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    Dr. Fauci: It's 'possible' Americans may still be wearing face masks in 2022

    kerbluey said: I’ve said this many times—a virus is smaller than a sperm cell. Would they recommend we use bandanas and paper napkins for pregnancy prevention?? :ahaha good one!!!
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    President Trump hit a homerun at CPAC!

    I wonder if they sometimes regret taking those jobs, seeing the way things are today. And they are lifetime appointments. We know Cavanaugh knows first hand how evil they are so it baffles me how he would side with them. Something stinks!!
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    Dr. Fauci: It's 'possible' Americans may still be wearing face masks in 2022

    No, they don't see it. Even when you explain it to them like you just did, they give you that 'deer in the headlights' look. I personally think they do understand but can't admit it. Goes against the narrative.
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    FBI Cannot 'Disclose the Cause of Death' of Officer Brian Sicknick: Director Wray

    FBI Cannot ‘Disclose the Cause of Death’ of Officer Brian Sicknick: Director Wray BY JACK PHILLIPS March 2, 2021 The FBI “cannot disclose the cause of death” of U.S. Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, after The New York Times and other news outlets either retracted or updated reports...
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    President Trump hit a homerun at CPAC!

    Don't quote me but I think I just heard since Trump mentioned this yesterday he has gotten over 3 million in donations. Was busy at the time but I think that's what I heard.
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    Radical Democrats Storm Georgia State Capitol, Gain Entry, Clash with Capitol Security Police

    I bet all of them..first I'm hearing of it too. You would think Newsmax or OAN would report it. Makes me mad.
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    President Trump hit a homerun at CPAC!

    Sorry! :) Hey..we still got Clarence Thomas...he's an A +++!!
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    President Trump hit a homerun at CPAC!

    Amen! I don't see how anybody who watched the hearings from the swing states with all those witnesses could not see the massive voter fraud. Massive fraud was shown...and our courts looked the other way. 'No standing' before the election....'too late' afterwards. I think the lives of them and...
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    Congressman Jerry Nadler: “God’s Will is No Concern of This Congress”

    Judgement coming. But they won't have sense enough to know thats what it is.
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    Continue to wear a mask, practice social distancing after being vaccinated for COVID-19

    I have grown to hate that commercial too. Enough is enough!