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    Local governments weigh major tax hikes to plug coronavirus-induced shortfalls

    I think we all saw this coming a mile away. If Biden gets elected (please, God, no!!!) we can kiss the Trump tax cuts goodbye. In addition, the filthy liberals will try and increase taxes across the board and nothing will be off the table. If the worst case happens and the filthy liberals...
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    Anti-fascist group seen as playing big role in Portland unrest: report

    I'd bet my car that Soros cash is either partly or fully funding thus.
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    Redskins Retired

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    How the Arctic Circle just eclipsed 100 degrees

    Here's a shocking thought.....warmer temperatures are a result of greater solar activity. Don't tell autistic Gretchen though, she might start lecturing intellectual giants like the inventor of the internet, Al Gore.
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    Missouri couple’s gun rights defended in letter to AG Barr from 12 GOP lawmakers

    It's about time the Republicans started standing up for those oppressed by the radical left.
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    Roger Stone is 'praying' for clemency from Trump, days before he is set to report to prison

    Roger Stone got royally screwed by Barry's cronies. What happened to him is sickening. What's continuing to happen to General Flynn is even more so. If I didnt' know that God will one day bring full justice to these men I'd be livid beyond imagination. Having been on the receiving end of a...
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    Missouri couple who defended home have rifle seized during police search: report

    It's very important to know the gun laws in your state. It's also advisable to further protect yourself with U.S. LawShield (no affiliation) or similar. Even if you obey the law to the T, it's still going to be an ordeal so it's best to know what to do , say, DON'T say, and who to call if need be.
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    Missouri couple who defended home have rifle seized during police search: report

    The evil of George Soros knows no bunds. Kimberly Gardner was funded by Soros, as have many others, to do this very thing...undermine the rule of law at every turn. She is doing her master's bidding.
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    The Dying Light of the Day

    Another stellar Pete Garcia article!! Thanks for posting it, Chris
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    Have We Become A Nation of Sheep?

    The church that I most recently attended and served at (past tense) has gone into social justice mode (it had been tracking that way even before covid) even going so far as to suggest books to read pertaining to whiteness, etc. The messages for the past several weeks have been racial this and...
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    I Am Special

    I deserve nothing yet God gave me everything. There are no human words, singulalrly or in the aggregate, that can even begin the capture the ernormity of what Jesus did for us. Salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ is outlandishly generous for which I will be eternally grateful...
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    House Democrats include removal of Confederate statues in funding bill

    I wish the heanline read: Senate Republicans include removal of liberals in spending bill