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    Trump administration rule to restrict green cards for welfare-reliant immigrants takes effect

    Liberals fight hard against anything that protects taxpayers and aligns with American principles. LIberals know that the majority of Americans don't support their schemes so rely on judicial activism (e.g. 9th Circuit) and entitlements to bribe voters. Does it matter to liberals if their...
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    Phil Haney, found dead gunshot, before releasing sequel to his See Something Say Nothing book

    Anytime someone in the obama and/or clinton orbits ends up dead, I'm immediately suspicious, especially if they were reporting contrary to the best interest of the aforementioned. Moreover, gunshot wounds to the chest are statistically improbable given the vast majority of suicides using...
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    Hold Fast!

    “Hold fast. Help is on the way. Hold fast. He’s come to save the day. What I’ve learned in my life, one thing greater than my strife, is His grasp. So hold fast.” Hold fast to the foot of the Cross! In that grasp lies complete hope. The Cross you grasp is anchored deep, and despite how hard they...
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    President Trump Announces Advisory Board to Expose Research Using Aborted Baby Parts

    "The ethics board is tasked with researching the use of aborted baby body parts in scientific research and determining whether it is ethical. The board will create a final report to recommend whether HHS should stop funding such research." Please allow me to save this rather august gathering of...
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    IDF says its bombed Islamic Jihad in Syria, Gaza in response to rocket fire

    Barry isn't going to be happy about this. If I were Israel, I'd bomb and bomb some more up to, and including, Nov 3. Make hay while the sun shines, or said a different way, usher as may murderous jihadists into eternity as possible while there's time.
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    'Predatory' DC government issues record $1B in fines to drivers: report

    Same. I take the train into DC and Uber or Metro from there. If I didn't have to go, I never would.....ever.
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    Furor over Trump pardons as frustrated Barr weighs quitting

    I'm very much doubting Barr's willingness to persue the known liers and leakers. Stone et al get railroaded and jail time while Comey et al walk free, write books, and appear on talk shows. The double standard and hypocrisy are breathtaking. So I don't blame POTUS for his outspokenness and...
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    Trump Rally In Phoenix, Arizona!

    Watching Trump applaud the elderly war hero being held up by two Trump supporters was absolutely fantastic!!!
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    Locust Plague Reaches China!

    When intially reading the headline of the OP's post I thought a plane loaded with dems was en route to China.
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    History’s Most Viewed Event

    Being an engineer and all around math & science nerd, I've learned that energy is the currency of our physical (physics, chemistry, ect) world. money : economy :: energy : physical Be it the potential/kenetic energy involved in roller coasters or the the Laws of Thermodynamics, energy is the...
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    Former Trump aide Hope Hicks to return to White House

    Trump has learned the hard way that politics and business are two completely different things and loyalty means something very different in politics. It appears as though he's staffing up for his second term with people he knows he can trust and not so many permanent Washington types. Once he...
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    Zarif says Iran could reverse nuclear breaches if Europe gives economic relief, no they won't. Interesting, what they are really messaging is...the economic sanctions are really hurting us. Thank you, Mr. Trump!!!!
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    NYC cops ‘declaring war’ on Mayor de Blasio, union says, following ‘assassination attempts’ on officers

    LIberals ruin everything they get their hands on. Everything! You can't name one liberal-run state, city, town, or municipality that's doing well. Metrics across the board always, and I mean always, clearly indicate that liberals and liberalism are/is degenerative to culture, lawfulness...
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    Israel reveals it is now targeting Iranian forces militarily

    With the shampeachment in the rear view mirror, the Israeli's know they have until early November (at a minimum) to enjoy Mr. Trump's time in the White House. If there was a time to go hard directly at Iran, this is it, especially considering that the mad mullahs now know that POTUS will send...