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    Some deaths don't seem to matter

    By my experience, it is not evident. Neither in my time in the media, did I observe any part of what you wrote there. I obviously can't fight against neuroses. There are plenty of boogeymen in conservatism. Uvalde should be on everyone's mind because it should be personal to every American...
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    Some deaths don't seem to matter

    Well I've worked in a news room. And occasionally assisted those editors in their tasks. From personal experience, nobody told us what we should be reporting on. It is true that media can be influenced and sometimes even bullied by business, politicians, even the church. But that's far more...
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    Some deaths don't seem to matter

    I don't think I understand your point. Members of the media cover what their editors assign them. The government has no say in it. Some crimes get more coverage than others. Uvalde has been on everyone's mind this last week for obvious reasons.
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    Fifteen Slain, Mostly Kids, in Mass Texas School Shooting

    Shooter apparently murdered his grandmother before he went down there. I don't understand. Why kids? This killer wanted to be remembered as a monster?
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    Believer's who arent watching and the rapture.

    I don't know about that. The way Paul describes the Rapture, it seems unmistakeable to me. Could be we witness it, just as Paul described. Even though none of us have seen the Lord Jesus, we will still recognize him. When Jesus comes back at the end of the Tribulation, "every eye" will see him...
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    The Gog Factor

    Why go by the Greek translation when it was written in Hebrew? No other translation I can find, identifies Gog in that text.
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    The chip for animals

    This idea has been around for years. I remember reading it in a couple books I found in my church library. It doesn't help that former employees in the RFID industry have come out publicly and said the company they worked for is developing the Mark of the Beast. I consider those employees to...
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    Indian court limits Muslim gatherings at mosque after Hindu idols found - lawyer

    Don't great acts of violence break out anyway, if the leaders decide there can only be one religion or faith that its people can follow? That is what's going on in India, only the other way. Only Hinduism can be allowed to exist. Islam and Christianity must be exterminated.
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    Army Vets Recount Close Encounter

    In the congressional hearings, they pretty much debunked the alien idea. They want to know what UAPs are and whether they pose a threat to flight safety, or national security. That's pretty much all there is to this. Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence Scott Bray said UFO sightings...
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    Just Imagine…

    It's not a topic I think, we think about often. But actually, the Urakami Cathedral, a Catholic Church, was located in Nagasaki and they were holding Mass when the bomb went off on August 9, 1945. Only about 500 metres away from them. That church was built after a 200 year ban on Christianity...
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    Rapture/Tribulation almost simultaneous?

    Because Daniel's prophecy was given to a Jewish audience, it is believed that this is a literal reference to a future event taking place in a reconstructed "Third Temple". The Antichrist will break his covenant, cause Jewish sacrifices to cease, and enter the temple and show himself to be God (2...
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    Happy Birthday billiefan and Deano!

    I see him on Facebook and Youtube quite a bit. Under different SNs, though. I don't want to speak for him, but he has been critical of the pre-Trib Rapture doctrine often. I'm not sure he still believes in it. All that monitoring of Youtube date setters, he seems to have soured on the entire...
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    What We Can't Not Know

    Interplanetary space is affected in the judgments as well; Rev 6:12-14, 8:12, 16:8; Luke 21:25, Matt 24:29. The sun turning black, the moon to blood, the sky receding as a scroll, heavens being shaken, stars falling as figs from a tree....I don't see any escape up there.
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    UFO's and End Times

    But even in some of the most heavily populated cities and countries around the world, UAP reports are nowhere near as prevalent as they are in the USA. It's been decades of science fiction in print, film and other media, and an active military, which has led to the UFO phenomenon in this part of...
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    Fig tree generation

    It's not a "bust" as much as it was a misnomer. If the generation of Matthew 24 can be referred to as the "fig tree" generation, then they will see Jesus return to earth. The issue lies with emphasizing the rebirth of Israel as a nation, so much so, that the rest of Matt 24 just becomes...