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    AOC-backed socialists have a plan to take over New York City

    So I looked up how many people live in metro NYC. The stats say around 18 million people. How is it that that many people are so dumb or so disconnected with reality that they would allow this? And by ‘they’ I mean those that control the populace for their own gain. Why would the ruling elite...
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    Time to boycott Fox News

    Tucker (and I like him) isn’t a “reporter”. It’s an opinion show. Like Hannity, Levin, et al. Bret Baer is a reporter ( a good one).
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    Chicago postal workers threaten to stop delivering mail after multiple employees shot on the job

    Ha! This was exactly what I was going to post. Great minds and all....
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    Susan Collins says she opposes voting on SCOTUS nominee before election

    If God wants a Trump nominee confirmed, then that is what will happen. If one isn’t confirmed, or Trump isn’t re-elected, “Do not fret...” Psalm 37.
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg died

    2020 hits again
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    Florida senators pushing to keep Daylight Savings Time during pandemic

    Yeah, this is what they need to focus on. It ain’t daylight or nighttime causing the evil
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    What Does the Bible Say About Israel's Recent Peace Agreements?

    Oh I know. I have thick skin. I’m am not easily offended. Love it!
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    Armed civilian roadblocks in Oregon town fuel fears over vigilantism

    Hey Latoya! You were treated better and were much safer there than you would have been treated in Portland. This isn’t “racism” it’s called maintaining law and order.
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    What Does the Bible Say About Israel's Recent Peace Agreements?

    This article highlights why I think Trump will be re-elected. That will force Iran and others to give up the notion that the US will back off the sanctions and how they have been able to isolate countries like Iran. This will cause them to enter a “peace” agreement. With that stated, I think...
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    Fauci says vaccine won’t be effective if not enough Americans take it

    You lost me at “Fauci says...”