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    Bohemian Grove!

    Bohemian Grove is a private enclave in California where all the "mover and shakers" go; it's where the next president is chosen, and there is a 30-ft owl statue there that they make human sacrifices to, although that is poo-pooed by most people, but I saw a video made by Alex Jones about it, and...
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    Bohemian Grove!

    Yes, I saw a photograph of Reagan there; Caspar Weinberger was there, too.
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    Colorado protesters charged in July 'occupation' of police precinct: reports

    Just happened to have some sandbags laying around, did they?
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    UAE deal with Israel

    Could this be the one?
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    California Reparations Bill Could be signed into law

    How will the "new taxes" be apportioned, do you suppose? Will they just get a bill or will it be added, say, to an electric bill, so that EVERYONE gets to pay.
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    US Supreme Court Rules LGBTQ Can Sue Workplace For Discrimination

    They don't believe in the 1st Amendment free exercise of religion. Well, everyone else's. Not YOURS.
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    RBG reportedly sick (again)

    It doesn't seem to matter who gets selected, we always get the same types of rulings.
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    U.S. Cities Ban Natural Gas to Combat Climate Change; Gas Ranges on Chopping Block

    They don't even know real science. They don't even know that plants NEED carbon dioxide to produce oxygen. All those degrees and so much stupidity. They don't even know that they're setting up the conditions for their own demise. Maybe that's just as well.
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    If Trump does not win in 2020

    That's why they created the transgender category; they create political blocks for votes. Kind of like parasites colonizing a body.
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    This may be how your guns are taken

    Yes, this kills any hope you may have had for your country. But don't you feel safer?!
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    If Trump does not win in 2020

    It looks more and more that she will. Third time's a charm.