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    The Coming Financial Collapse and the Great Reset

    No matter how well prepared some people are they will not be able to cope with the absolute chaos that economic collapse will cause. I don't want to see anyone go through that especially the elderly and infirm, I recall the image of an elderly man in a wheelchair left to die in the heat after...
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    Are You Ready For Jesus’ Return?

    I'm ready only because of Jesus Christ, I hope my efforts to share the gospel with people may have planted a few seeds.
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    Here is the Updated List of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration

    We could make a legitimate claim of taking all of China's holdings in America as compensation for the Wuhan virus deaths, economic damage etc.
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    Anyone Watching?

    I saw a few clips of the propaganda and it was equating a protest with military assault more or less. I only did it to get a read on what the regime has up its sleeve in the future to demonize the political right. Example: the fbi has arrested as many as 800 people who were at the 1/6 protest...
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    Kansas woman pleads guilty to leading ISIS female battalion

    Well, on the plus side she won't be using that teaching degree and spreading her folly to children.
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    Bilderberg Meeting In Washington, D.C.

    I can't help but picture a scene out of Frank Peretti's books a dark cloud of demons accompanies the arrival of this sinister group. The Church needs to pray for God's restraint on their schemes. Even though the event is over.
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    Gas prices in your area?

    This is supposed to reach critical mass in August according to some financial experts. I'm considering buying food preps ahead of big price jumps and maybe filling up a fuel tank ( former fuel oil tank) for just in case supply is disrupted. A wise man sees trouble approaching and prepares for it.
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    Dem Rep. Says “Spare Me The Bullxxxx About Constitutional Rights” During Gun Debate

    Satan is behind it for sure. I saw the evil of the slasher movies and expected it would create monsters that would imitate what they saw forty years ago. Same goes for the video games that place the gamer in basically a mass murder fantasy game. It's not just because guns are available but the...
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    Ohio to let teachers carry guns after 24 hours of training

    There's safes that are rapid access (finger code buttons ) I can't imagine a teacher carrying concealed all the time. Access to weapons for emergencies by trained personnel only, no chance of "teens" overpowering and taking it. More importantly it would be great if the psychos couldn't just walk...
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    Our Economic Misery Isn’t an Accident, It’s the Plan

    Gas and diesel prices just jumped 50 cents today. I noticed a couple of huge pickups with the fuel sucking engines at the grocery store and wondered what level of anxiety they must be experiencing. I recently upgraded to a fuel efficient chevy duramax 3.0 and if I go 50 mph it will get over 30...
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    Biden revokes Cuba flight restrictions

    Justin Castro won't have to fly non stop from Canada now to see his relatives.
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    Hinckley, who shot Reagan in 1981, granted full freedom

    This regime would like to bestow a medal on the Cretan.
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    Canada Moves to Ban Sale of Handguns in Sweeping Bill Introduced after Uvalde shooting

    Tyrants fear an armed populace, El Presidentae Castro is afraid of Canadian citizens.
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    Prices Already Rising

    Just a heads up, there's a recall on jiffy peanut butter(salmonella)I just returned 5 jars I got on a great discount. Fortunately I was able to buy kroger brand for a replacement for the same price. I'm stocking up to beat rising costs.
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    Russia removes military age limit as Ukraine war continues

    Russia has had a low birth rate now for some time, and it must be neccessary that the armies that go against Israel will be mostly Middle Eastern enemies. With Russia supporting by providing technology and weapons.