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    Is the holy spirit a man

    When Jesus, fully man, said "I and the Father are One" I would think that would be the end of the questioning regarding "gender" altogether.
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    Personal Savior?

    That's why we should always be as the Bereans and test all things preached against the Word. :hug
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    Personal Savior?

    The OP reads like a slippery slope primer on Lordship Salvation. We must believe in our hearts as well as our heads. An intellectual affirmation of Jesus' Divinity is different than a heartfelt belief in the sufficiency of the cross.
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    Babylon the great
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    7 Reasons Why the Rapture is Not the Second Coming

    Yup! 40 "secretaries" one Author! The icing on the cake is the Bible's internal cohesion and consistency - a feat not matched by any man conceived volume or collection of writings similar in volume.
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    7 Reasons Why the Rapture is Not the Second Coming

    One more....
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    7 Reasons Why the Rapture is Not the Second Coming

    Jack has written quite a bit about the topic. Here's more: There are also numerous threads here at RF that contain a lot more information. In a nutshell, there two resurrections. The first, in stages, the second is a one...
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    7 Reasons Why the Rapture is Not the Second Coming
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    Happy Birthday Chris!

    Happy Birthday Chris!
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    Happy birthday, Mattfivefour

    Happy Birthday!
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    Difference between Matthew and Luke geneology Q The question I have is this; family lineage was traced through the father, not the mother, if I am not mistaken. Since Joseph was not the biological father of Jesus, why is Jesus considered to be descended from the house of...
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    Is Salvation a Process or Event?

    Lots to unpack in the above. On my phone, and your narrative is difficult to follow on a tiny screen...Coupled with your references to other posts, I'm afraid a more substantive response will have to take place once I return to my home office computer sometime this weekend.
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    chinese language text in Breaking News & World Events

    Spammers love to target chat rooms. I too have reported our latest visitor. I'm sure Chris or Adrian will handle it soon enough.
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    High Times

    Hmmm. I think Jack fell into the Matt 24 mire a bit. Regarding the family of man and our various tribes, I agree things will wax worse and worse.