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    Is a Christian who believes baptism is necessary for salvation not saved?

    That's why it's vital that they receive sound teaching and advice.
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    Deception... Apostasy Question?

    Exactly. The point being, that the delusions and deceptions will be so strong that if true born again Christians were still around, even they would have faith shaking moments.
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    Is a Christian who believes baptism is necessary for salvation not saved?

    With all due respect, I don't believe TT misunderstood you or abandoned the context. He merely used a truncated version of your OP to illustrate the contradiction inherent in the question. In other words, you answered your own query. Regardless, I think we all know what you're driving at... A...
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    Got First Twitter ban

    Seems a bit arbitrary to me. Knowing myself as I do, I would have appealed the appeal and demanded they spell out exactly what it was that was "hateful conduct." If they're that petty, it won't be long before banning becomes permanent. :sad ETA- This is ironic "Twitter’s mission is to give...
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    Pre Wrath Blues

    Regarding Matt 24, the context (as has been pointed out) is key to understanding. The trouble is a lot of folks insert a change of context where none exists in order to place the rapture in the verses. The timing of events is likewise to be properly discerned. We had a monster thread over at RR...
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    Pre Wrath Blues

    Just to clarify, Matt 24 is not addressing the rapture. The verses cited refer to the 2nd coming.
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    The Beginning and the Ending

    As was touched on in the article, the flood easily explains the carbon dating conflict. Romans 3:4
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    The Other Side of the ‘Great Debate’

    The ability to have faith in something or someone, or, to express our faith and or demonstrate that faith, is given to all. It's when we express our faith in Christ Jesus' atoning sacrifice that God then extends His free gift of Grace by nullifying the death penalty we're all due because of...
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    The Rapture: Why?

    God has a number in mind. The number no doubt will coincide with a day and time on our calendar that is unknown to us.
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    Question on Jesus and hell....

    Jack Kelley answered many questions along the same line here:
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    Israeli Election Results

    Hannity's producers are keeping abreast of the tally/results watching for confirmation.
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    Conspiracy Theories, The Occult and Agnosticism

    Howdy! Welcome aboard!
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    Hi I am a dreamer...

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    Why Didn’t God Just Nuke Lucifer Before the Garden?

    Speaking of Jack.... And -
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    The "other" gap theory

    This is one of a very few problems I had with Jack's teachings. IIRC, he wasn't dogmatic about the gap theory, he just thought it was plausible. Personally, I believe in a literal 6 day creation. We're talking about what God can do. And with our limited understanding I think we have to take the...