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    Global Vaccine Agenda

    BAHAHAHAHAHHAH TRUMP YOULEGEND !!!!! He's pulling funding out of the WHO and said they have stuffed up with this whole COIV 19 issue by not taking action earlier when it was brought to their attention
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    Bible Prophecy Issues: The Rapture Is the Second Coming

    Andy Woods has a great video at the moment called 10 truths about the rapture, well worth watching
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    Israel declares coronavirus lockdown for Passover holiday feast

    KAatje you're doing a better job than the Israeli government being up to date on this AHAHAHAHAHAH. You truly have a gift for detail !!!
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    Kissinger's Call for a New World Order

    Yep these old leaders comin back from the dead to spread their Satanic Utopia dream of a global government
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    Stimulus check-What are the requirements?

    I saw a funny meme today showing trump stating any man or woman under a certain criteria wil get part of this stimulus payment, the caption then went on to say this is the first time gender confused people actually acknowledged that they were either male or female AHAHAHHAAH
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    Pink Supermoon!

    Sounds good to me LOL
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    Pink Supermoon!

    I agree, it's a haunting feeling seeing the sun red
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    Pink Supermoon!

    I was about to ask the same thing
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    The only man made thing in heaven

    Welcome to the forums
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    Gog-Magog invasion timing

    And the intro , you can't beat the intro leading into the show
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    Pope compares politicians who rage against gays to Hitler

    And breaking news, the ex treasurer of the Vatican who was 3rd in charge ( CArdinall Geroge Pell) has been released as being Not guilty on Pedophile charges yet he openly admitted in court it simply turned a blind eye to his priests abusing young boys. So now that he's free, i wonder if Franny...
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    The Pope has removed "Vicar of Christ" from his title

    AHAHAH thanks i was also going to throw it out there that he will replace the title with Vicar of Antichrist
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    Putting red on my doorpost

    Nice, that may even possibly present itself as an opportunity to share the gospel if a person asks out of curiosity why you're doing it .
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    Global Vaccine Agenda

    I'll go one step further and state that i don't trust any organisation that declares itself to be a global body ie the U.N, WHO , EU etc.