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    Trump SHOCK election poll: Black Lives Matter protests will get Trump re-elected

    Oh i will get the popcorn out and laugh so hard if he does get re-elected , last time all of the leftists and celebrities made his election as president to be the apocalypse and all said they were leaving America, now lets see what they say ?
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    Have You Strayed?

    I remember reading her husband Ron's articles , he was very good at simplifying things almost in the way that Jack Kelley did when he wrote.
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    Wanted: Christian Intellectuals

    Dr Wilfred Hahn is a specialist on the economy and what role it will play in the end times
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    Do You Believe in Jesus Because That’s What You Decided or Because That’s What You Were Taught?

    My grandparents and parents raised me to be a christian, i fell into the world then humbly returned when i seen the going ons in the world and the strong prompting of the Holy Spirit to come back to Jesus cause the end is near
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    Why do foreigners come here if they hate our way of life?

    Or the famous "We grew here , you flew here"
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    Are You Concerned About Your Left Behind "Stuff"?

    Nope lol, i'm going to go with the whole thing where the bible says leave the worries of this world behind ahahaha
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    Trump's Deal of the Century

    Ahahah part of me wanted to say ok im done when i got to that part of the article
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    Iran says world ‘must respond’ to Israel after blast at nuclear site

    Oh the Canucks , caused me so many headaches in NHL LOL
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    Jordan B. Peterson: Identity Politics & The Marxist Lie of White Privilege

    I've seen a few Jordan Peterson interviews and the one thing i'll give him credit for is he never gets angry or bites when people debate him whereas the people who oppose his view will employ classic tactics such as asknig rapid questions without letting the person finish answering their...
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    Rapture Ridicule

    The weirdest accusation i got was that i was apart of some Charles Manson type cult ???????
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    Ok, So we're having a heartwave.....

    AHAHAHAHA a care bear moment
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    Question on Conversations with Loved Ones We Are Reunited With in Heaven

    I'm not sure either about that one, it might be possible to recall the memories that occurred whilst we were alive on earth but like you mentioned, maybe we are all so excited to see Jesus and being absorbed on how much better heaven is and being with loved ones who are believers that the...
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    My list for why the Rapture is likely soon

    Awesome list, thanks for taking the time to compile it
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    Charlie Daniels passed on to Heaven

    Old Bazza aye LOL