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    Biden Endorses Controversial Bill Guaranteeing Abortion 'Without Limitations'

    people doing things to invoke the Day of the Lord, the same people who will be begging for the rocks to crush them to hide them from the wrath of the Lamb.
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    The Last Generation

    Its amazing to witness how swiftly it seems that planet earth has kicked into a new's like a runaway freight train on a Collision Course with the Day of the Lord. The phrase "HELL BENT" keeps coming to mind. John the Baptist was there and baptized Jesus, He heard a voice from...
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    The Last Generation

    Awesome, timely, encouraging. Thanking God for voices like Pete's who alert but encourage. This passage came to mind while reading. Isaiah 57:1 The righteous perishes, And no man takes it to heart; Merciful men are taken away, While no one considers That the righteous is taken away from evil.
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    Do you believe in a Spiritual Covering's, I will explain?

    This is such a huge deal in the Charismatic/Word of Faith movement. IE TBN ... Rod Parsley, Benny Hinn (Kathryn Kuhlman) and is sooooooo off Biblical foundations. I have seen it lead to huge huge error and harm in individual lives, especially new converts duped in their zeal to be told they...
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    Fill up tanks today

    It might not be URGENT but just a good idea to keep alert and top off tanks as fuel prices are going to be going up for the foreseeable future
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    Fill up tanks today

    I work in the transportation industry (chemical freight broker) and we are being advised to prep for pretty steep spike in fuel prices in pretty quick fashion so take it for what it's worth but today might be a good day to go fill up tanks and lawn mower cans, but no matter what Our Heavenly...
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    Time\Date setters get it wrong - again!

    "Let God be true and every man a liar" Date setters discourage and depress true believers and add to the scoffing and mocking. Thanking God all of His promises are yes and amen and we can trust that He will come again and receive us unto Himself, they where He is we may be also. The rapture...
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    What Ray Comfort is NOT Endorsing, Sadly Kirk Cameron Does

    That is why they are always "declaring and decreeing" and having 2 Chronicles 7:14 prayer meetings and striving to figure out what territorial spirit they need to engage, the Rick Joyner's of the World and Mike Bickle and Jesus Culture have done soooooo much damage in Jesus name
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    Some ramifications of the Rapture.......

    Just for the record, whoever posted that to kindle did so after asking for permission but I never wrote them to be anything other than outreach ******also there are some that I wish I could edit as their is some legalism hints in them that was corrected in my walk after i had wrote those. But...
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    Some ramifications of the Rapture.......

    Shock and Awe :: A Preview of Things to Come By Tim Cameron The first call comes into an emergency call center, “911, what is your emergency?” A mom is hysterically screaming: “HELP PLEASE, HELP” “My little boy just disappeared.” The 911 dispatcher replies, “Ma’am, what do you mean? Has someone...
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    Democrats Renew Call to Pack Supreme Court

    In other words Democrats are feverishly pushing to remove Truth and Righteousness from standing in their way.
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    Any "New" Rapture Nearness Indicators?

    YEP, whenever it was that "seeker friendly" creeped into an assembly ICHABOD (The Glory Departed) I think the word "church" is one of the most deceptive terms in society. I went to "church" Sunday, they played AC/DC music and shared on how "every day can be a friday" You did NOT go to church...
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    Any "New" Rapture Nearness Indicators?

    a few years ago I went to a fancy golf course and in the Golf Professionals office he had a big flat screen showing the location of every golf cart on the course on a map via gps … it was cool but creepy at the same time….I believe they will be able to track every move at some point for maybe...
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    Any "New" Rapture Nearness Indicators?

    I’m assuming they identifying positive patients by phone number or ip addresses