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    Do You Have A Safe Room?

    A great Sermon! I love it. We so need to be reminded of our benefits we have in Christ. We love Jesus and He loves us! What more do we need?
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    UK fuel crisis and an insight into post rapture behaviour.

    The impacts of our departure at the Rapture can perhaps be studied from the angle of how many of us there are. The figures I have gathered are from different sources I trust, as well as Southern Baptist sources. These are for Born Again Christians. Granted, it's tough to be precise. 1. North...
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    What is happening in the Dead Sea?

    I find fascinating the massive Sapphire Lake project in Israel, it's main resevoir. If you look at the sea of Gallilee, it's basically the same size it was 2,000 years ago. Look at muslim areas, and the muslims live in arid wastes, where all the trees and resources have been completely...
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    The Truth About Cows

    Kind of like,: "Experts agree, thousands of meat eaters are dying every day." The main attack on cows from leftists is part of Agenda 21, consolidating populations in concrete metropolitan areas. Cows are the one thing that makes life livable in most rural areas, they eat grass. Without Cows...
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    Larry Elder Got Saved During His Run For Governor!

    It reminds me of the sequence when the Kirk Cameron character in the 'Left Behind' movie gets saved, just before he meets with Nicholae, the Antichrist. In that room where Nicholae shoots his former mentors, in public, he mesmerizes the crowd, and they believe whatever the antichrist says about...
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    Donald J. Trump Announcement: “I Have No Choice but to Run in 2024”

    I hope either Josh or Ron Desantis is Trump's running mate. I appreciate Pence's service, but we need a banner carrier that can do some of the lifting and legwork for Trump. It's Christians versus Pagans, Americanism versus Marxism. It may not even be decided with the next election, but we...
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    The Redcoats are Coming!

    Same here, older brothers telling me they wanna see their grandkids grow up.. That sorta tells me 1. He dosen't witness to them, 2. They are lost. Otherwise he could take 'em with him to heaven.
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    Pen Farthing to leave Afghanistan in next couple of hours with his 200 dogs and cats

    Muslims think of cats and dogs as "unclean", they tend to look at cats and dogs as "filthy". The native perception of animals is a religious and cleanliness issue. They put up with town strays, but few if any own personal pets. Another concern of theirs is Rabies which is a feared disease, and...
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    Biden voted to be held in contempt by Parliament

    My read in Daniel, in the King of the North versus King of the South chapter, which I believe is the Antichrist (king of the North) and the President of the USA (King of the South, the I-95 war), is that the last President of the USA is a male, with sons. It actually mentions sons in the plural...
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    Biden voted to be held in contempt by Parliament

    I'm finding that many of our veterans are disgusted by the debacle. It's being reported in foreign press as an "American collapse". Russian press has long since predicted we will be engulfed in a civil war shortly. Newsmen love drama.
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    Tucker Carlson: Democrats Are ‘Satanic’ – ‘In Direct Objection to God’

    Great Post! Any time you look into it you will find democrats smoke pot and/or approve of it. Almost all drug users vote democrat, that should tell us something. Please, please, please, all my Christian brothers and sisters. DO NOT TRUST pot users, even if they have a medical card. Pharmecia...
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    Are books like 23 minutes in hell biblical?

    You're right, I should have posted, at the end of the tribulation. Need my coffee.
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    Are books like 23 minutes in hell biblical?

    The Geography of Hell is, as best as I can research and study from the Bible is: The entire area is called "The Pit". It is in the spirit realm, tethered inside the earth, likely at or near the fiery molten iron ore core. You cannot see it through radar or sonar, because it's in another...
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    The Vultures Are Circling

    "For wheresoever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together." Matthew 24:28, KJV. BTW: Literally, Vulture, Hawk and Eagle populations are exploding. Maybe things are being prepared for the aftermath of Armageddon.