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    Ballots stolen from mailboxes, discarded on roadsides in Washington town

    There is no way that this is going to be a fair election this year. Those bent on destroying this nation will resort to anything to steal it away.
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    Washington "Football Team"

    Washington Washouts? Washed-Ups?
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    Washington "Football Team"

    PAC Rats? Swamp Rats?
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    Hunter Biden's Emails Show Ol Joe Knew What Was Up

    At least ole' Sleepy Joe can honestly say " I don't recall any wrongdoing". But, then again, there isn't too much he can recall!
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    What tune has been replaying in your head today?

    A tropical storm is blowing by here in Hong Kong, so its “Raindrops keep falling on my head”.
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    Pope Gives Mary Three More Titles

    I think one of the reasons that God will put into the hearts of the 10 kings that rise along with the antichrist in Revelation 17 to hate the whore and destroy her flesh, is eradicate the world of all the statues of Mary, along with the relics, and icons, and all of the other graven images that...
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    Pope Gives Mary Three More Titles

    The so-called Assumption of Mary didn't become official RCC dogma until about 1950. It was needed to cover up another lie, that Mary never sinned - although scripture is quite clear that "ALL have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" Romans 3:23 ( to suggest otherwise, would be to elevate...
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    President Trump has tested positive for COVID-19!!

    A couple of thoughts: Somebody made the comment about what a strange year this has been. It may have been said before and maybe I just missed it, but I recall the expression “ we all have 20/20 in hindsight - meaning we see things a lot more clearer looking back on events. I think a lot f us...
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    For when they shall say peace and safety;

    It is definitely leading up to it. When the A/C inks or confirms the “covenant with Death and Hell”, then Katie bar the door!
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    Russian warship fleet in the East Med off Syrian Coast near Israel

    I also think it would be post-Rapture, when a weakened US wouldn't (or couldn't) offer up much resistance. Of course, that could also be the case under a Sleepy Joe administration, when he wouldn,t offer any assistance to Israel or resistance against a Russian coalition.
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    Trump expected to announce historic Bahrain-Israel normalization agreement

    Openly, I think Saudi Arabia - as the de facto leading nation of Islam - has to put on the disguise of not wanting to normalize relations with Israel to appease the other Muslim states and avoid any further backlash from extremist entities like Iran. Secretly, through back channels, I'm sure...
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    Does God hear/honor prayers to Mary or the saints?

    Right. And they don't waste an opportunity to try to diminish what Christ has done for us, nor to try to point their adherents to anything else other than Jesus as a means of salvation: their priesthood, Mary, purging one's own sins in Purgatory, the Roman Catholic sacramental system of...
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    Trump expected to announce historic Bahrain-Israel normalization agreement

    It gives me great pleasure to think about all those who hate Israel - like Barak Hussein Obama and his ilk - to witness what is happening under the Trump administration and these Gulf States normalizing relations with Israel (for the time being anyway) and to have ceremonies on the White House...
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    Syria’s Assad briefly leaves parliament speech after ‘drop in blood pressure’

    I was thinking the same thing: Putin. As in, somebody has Put In an ever increasing dose of poison into his food or drink to remove him from the scene