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    Rapture: Instant disappearing, or visible ascent?

    Very true - again with our short news cycle and memories, after a month all will be forgotten and those left behind will continue in their merry way. The last few years have taught me how much deception even among Christians is tolerated. We have as believers stopped to like Bereans testing...
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    Words for Those Lost in Sexual Darkness

    This part is so me- I try and find the balance between saying the word of God without sounding I am condemning people’s lifestyles choices while trying to show them love. I know a couple who are living in an inappropriate relationship would love to witness without condemning them.
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    Words for Those Lost in Sexual Darkness

    True the devil has blinded even Christians to many other perverse immoral acts. The increase in immorality has reached epic proportions as mobile devices have brought all these perverted sins to within our fingertips. As a Christian I sometimes fail the distinguish the actions and behaviours of...
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    Words for Those Lost in Sexual Darkness

    As Christians we also overlook sexual sins that pervade across congregations that of pornography. This is mainly a private & hidden sim that has spread to children as young as 10. I despair how much this is affecting many Christians as well among teenagers who in the end are unable to form...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone on these forums - praying for a Christ filled new year
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    The “devil” is in the detail- the communique says there will be no passporting of financial services which means that many financial transactions that were done in the City if London will no longer be possible after the deal. Financial services generate in one hour what fisheries does in a year...
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    Supreme Court Rejects Texas Challenge to Biden Wins in 4 Key States

    I’m too familiar with the approach in the USA / here in the U.K. you can’t approach the Supreme Court without having a case in the lower court. Is there a case under appeal ?
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    Supreme Court Rejects Texas Challenge to Biden Wins in 4 Key States

    As Christians we need to temper our expectations. The arguments she originally submitted were thrown out and using that approach is likely to result in the courts rejecting the lawsuit. I think a new approach is required. I have read almost all the submissions and judgments it’s an uphill task.
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    Supreme Court Rejects Texas Challenge to Biden Wins in 4 Key States

    Thanks Thanks for this been reading Habakkuk as well and despite losing allcrops, livestock, food. Despite the devastation, he proclaims the greater reality of God's sovereignty. His source of hope and strength is in the presence of Almighty God - maybe just maybe as Christians our focus and...
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    Maybe “The New World Order” Wants Trump to Win!

    My prayer as a Brit is for my brothers and sisters across the water to know that whoever is elected- what matters is who is in control. It’s not who the s in the White House but on the great White Throne. Like at the last elections in U.K. I would switch of tv and did not want to take part in...
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    Growing discontent with Boris Johnson.

    True we left on 31 January this year and all parties in U.K. acknowledge this it’s what just a trade and political agreement that is left to sort out. The events since March this year have taught me not to look at any political event as a certainty as God’s sovereignty hand can take the U.K. and...
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg died

    Thanks been not too well cancer but by His grace doing good and His work with two churches
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg died

    It’s a spirit that has gripped our millennials. They have really no grounding in traditional values this is why in the last days the bible says 2 Timothy3 1-..... But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money...
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    Ruth Bader Ginsburg died

    As a Brit watching from afar, I pray for your nation. In my humble opinion it’s not the Democrats that you should fear it’s the power behind the whole world. Even if righteousness political party takes over both houses, the spirit of anti-Christ will pervade your nation. I pray for my liberal...
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    Last Trump Rapture

    Packed with grace, mercy and peace