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    is there anything that makes you hair grow faster?

    i have short hair due to the fact a shaved it all when i pulled some of my hair out its only just up to the nape of the neck its been like this for a long time ( not my choice ) i want to grow it very long but is there anything i can use to make it stronger and longer ?
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    Couples Are Getting Pregnant Just to Abort Their Baby?

    THAT IS PREMEDITATED MURDER they should be done for murder if they do it you dont make a life just to kill it please Jesus we need you now
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    Microchips brain implants closer than we think

    I will never ever put a chip in my head id rather die than do that we are becoming more and more like cyborgs its getting stupid now i want to have tech but this is going too far no way we are children of God not cyborgs of God
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    banned from local church coffee group :-(

    you need to go to a new church isnt a church if you cant talk about the bible verses to others that is what church is for isnt it ?
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    More Confusion in Schools

    what the heck ??? 100+ genders as someone who thought they where transgender i can understand wanting to be Trans as a way to fit in with the friends i have i have been battling for years to be my birth gender ( female ) my husband wants me to be male and my friends also want this i been...
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    Swedish Scientist Proposes Cannibalism to Fight Climate Change

    ewww am not eating someones toes ewwww gross
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    Pastor and Mental Health Advocate Jarrid Wilson Dies by Suicide

    I do alot of walking on my treadmil as well as walking with my husband and friends throught some of the gardens here in edinburgh because we are in scotland it normally cold and damp but we have been havng sun of late but at the moment am on medication that makes me burn in the sun so i have...
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    Pastor and Mental Health Advocate Jarrid Wilson Dies by Suicide

    So sad i lost a family member through suicide and i struggle with my own mental health there has been times were i feel suicidal the help isnt always there or isnt helpful at all there have been times when i called the crisis team and they have told me to have a bath or drink tea or sleep how...
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    London Pride 2019: people to descend on capital for ‘biggest ever’ parade

    as someone who struggle with identity issues i thought for a long time i was a man a mister of the church who was born female but lives as a man took my identity issues and used my vulnerability against me i dressed male for years i changed my name to a unisex name i was going to get hormones...
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    Big sex festival in England

    emmm.... no comment :oops::tappingfoot
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    Powerful earthquake 7.1 hit south California.

    maybe its a warning from God to the liberals, maybe they need to wake up and find God and atone for there sins
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