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    CC, Chuck Smith, Rick Warren - Radio Show

    its not just this thread im talking about, there have been many over the past few weeks i just spoke up at this one but the fact that no one sees it and its just me maybe im the crazy one and totally misguided and just confirms why i dont belong here anyway so thanks for pointing out my error in...
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    CC, Chuck Smith, Rick Warren - Radio Show

    i just don't understand why the church is promoting theology of man, they seem to be putting theses names like rick warren , chuck smith,beth moore and others on these pedestals like they have figured out some secret and follow blindly! i have made the decision to leave my church due to the fact...
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    Has anyone experienced any visions or miracles from God?

    yeah i have one of this thread getting closed... [07] No Dream threads or threads supporting 'Words of Knowledge', WOF, Angel or Ghost sightings, Rapture dreams or prophetic visions, Words of Faith, Bible Codes, personal spiritual encounters, astrology, star gazing, Rapture trumpet sounds...
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    The rapture or not the rapture.

    I don't think the rapture depends on anything to happen its imminent..
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    Sign and Pass on

    yeah ive been laughing at all these people so willing to sign there names on these do you think the government gets names of people to watch??
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    Solar flares - Coronal mass Ejections

    in the end its God's will what will happen..i would not stress about it i need a tan anyways..
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    Time for a change.

    ok Adrian you just dated yourself lol:lol:
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    Time for a change.

    lol thanks so much i almost broke mine!!
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    Changes in the Catholic Church

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    Girls' Necklace with sideways cross clasp....irreverent?

    Sometimes a necklace is just a necklace..
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    "Organic" Peanut Butter Recall

    yeah me either i just get the cheap stuff from dollar general
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    LSU vs SC

    Do you have to rub it in?
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    Does Ephesians help to understand things?

    no its just that we have all sinned and fallen short.. its ONLY the Grace of God that saves us not by anything we say or do!!
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    Does Ephesians help to understand things?

    id be interested in seeing your walk my friend before throwing stones at other brothers and sisters in Christ