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    Arabs to be allowed to enter Golden Gate

    PA has one purpose: to kill the Jew and take his land....never forget that...their holy book says a s much...maybe we should point that our to our US Congress...but's hard for me to believe that Congress has not researched it and knows the what??
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    The ‘Defeated’ Christian

    thank you Andy for posting this....and Mr. Kelley you were faithful....we long to see the things that you now see...I know that our Lord Jesus said to you..."good and faithful servant"....
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    Yay for Texas! Anti abortion bill gaining momentum...

    I do not believe that anything is going to get better...cold water I know...but I see this world as growing worse until Jesus steps in with judgement and blessings....lIMHO
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    The 7 Feasts

    no sure what an we will do....really my daughter was invited and I was an off shoot (the more I look at this word, I not sure if I have spelled it correctly...)
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    Dems & Media doing their best

    Pride in the dems...what a joke...they think they are better than Trump....
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    Yay for Texas! Anti abortion bill gaining momentum...

    what's the difference in this and Baal worship..????
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    Hamas again demands money from Israel

    Why would Israel give them a dime???? I just can not stand bully your milk money to avoid a fight???that's the coward's way out...hit them and hit them they will remember it.
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    Gantz: Netanyahu knows his time is up

    Do not believe that it is part of Trump's plan either...US is falling apart..but not because of of Trump...He is the best president in years...has done more than all the rest put together...its time...can't be anything else...the dems are blind blind …:blindmice:blindmice they are lost....Trump...
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    A synagogue on the Temple Mount? Activists call for construction to begin

    well...………..I don't think it will be long now...
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    The 7 Feasts

    thanks for your this point I'm not sure why or if I will go....will let you know. these people are not Jews...they are a Messianic group who study and attend a problem is I'm not sure why they do this...Jesus is our Passover Lamb and it is finished!! so why? in...
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    'Sometimes You Have to Walk': Trump, Kim Summit Abruptly Ends After NK Refuses to Denuclearize

    I like Trump...I too believe that he was put in place by our LORD...for how long I don't know,