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    Need advice for an estate sale

    Having someone else do all the work was our first thought. The organizer said that although there were some valuable things, there just wasn't enough to justify the time/effort of her team. She did give us some useful tips for doing it ourselves, though. It's one of those situations where...
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    Greta’s Chumps

    You see, you’re not a true Norwegian unless you’re devoted to friluftsliv – life out in the open air. (The word was coined by Henrik Ibsen in 1859.) Is Henrik related to Buddy Ebsen? He and Granny like to live in the open air also, out by the cement pond.
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    Rev 8:7……blood?

    From Enduring Word Commentary website... Hail and fire followed, mingled with blood: Blood may indicate the color or the result of the phenomenon described here. We don’t know if the hail and fire was red in color or if it brought forth red blood, but one way or another this should be...
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    Steve Farrar

    I went to one of his seminars about 20 years ago, about the time Point Man was out. He was good but, as you noted, he spoke mostly about fatherhood and family issues, nothing that I recall about his theological doctrines. Actually, now that I think about it, it was closer to 25 years ago...
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    I watched 'Dancing With the Stars' for the first time tonight...

    ...because our adult daughter is staying over and wanted to see one of the performers. It happens that this episode was the beginning of the new season, 15? Anyway, only marginally interesting, a lot of hype and glitz and not much else until the final performer which was....two women, yes...
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    Interesting and Evidence...about the Biblical story of Sodom

    It was climate change....and Trump. I don't know how, but that's how it'll be portrayed.
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    How long do you pray?

    I have my devotional time in the morning, when I'm at my best, since that is what the Lord deserves. I sit in my favorite chair, drinking coffee and pray. It varies, but I start usually with praying for my children, for their safety in their work, then maybe a review of the previous day...
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    Happy 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day!!

    The jar of dirt was a glass jar filled with dirt, given to Captain Jack Sparrow by Tia Dalma as a form of protection against Davy Jones during Sparrow's search for the Dead Man's Chest in an attempt to settle his debt with Jones. I had to look it up.
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    Happy 'Talk Like a Pirate' Day!!

    On this special day, remember the pirates who surround us, those who wreck, maim, pillage and steal...things like booty, boats, elections. Them scum sucking evil-doers will get what's coming to them, if not on these here seas then when they dock on yon golden shores. Argh! Justice be coming.
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    My mother's strange end times beliefs

    "...aliens have visited Trump" You mean they didn't?
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    Need advice for an estate sale

    My wife and I are coordinating an estate sale for her mother, 96 and in a nursing home. The family is selling her house and so the realtor suggested a 'living' estate sale prior to listing it. We've had garage sales before but never an estate sale. So, anyone got some insider tips? She...
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    If I see a crime at the Apple store...

    ...would that make me an iWitness?
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    Copulating with Corpses: The Taliban Exposed

    Without Christ, there is no limit to man's degeneracy.
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    Everything You Wanted to Know about the Rapture

    Everything You Wanted to Know about the Rapture (and then some) When is it?