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    Homosexuality and the days of Noah

    They have already forced acceptance and compliance through schools, businesses and government. But that will not be enough. Soon they will force participation.
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    Sanctioning Sodom

    The defining characteristics of the times of Sodom were not only the acceptance and celebration of wickedness and perversion, but also the eventual compulsory participation. When the men of Sodom attempted to force themselves on the Angels of the Lord, the Lord removed Lot and his family and...
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    How long until the Rapture?

    Unfortunately, I am seeing more churches fall away from the faith, or leading people astray by doctrines that tickle the ears. But that is also prophetic for the times we are in, and another sign that we are close. Given the rapid accelerations over the last couple years toward MOTB, people...
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    New Reporting Shows General Milley Committed Treason

    I would love to see the treasonous brought to justice. But, I don' see much justice left in the world today.
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    Biden Administration to Sue State of Texas for Not Murdering Unborn Babies

    This administration wants to sue for the right to kill children, but force you to take a jab to save the children. Well, if it weren't for double standards they'd have no standards at all.
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    Far upgrade/update TECHNOLOGY...Time is short....

    I believe the one world religion will be a blend of science (scientism), technology, and transhumanism and the "experts" will be the priests and bishops of this new religion as the only approved and "authoritative" source and interpretation of information. Satan has tried to imitate God since...
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    A different kind of deception scenario nobody is talking about

    I've seen a lot of christian brothers and sisters following the white rabbit (the Matrix reference seems to have more and more application today). They are looking for dates and telling others to "trust the plan". But it is not the date of Jesus's return or the plan of God they are looking...
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    Do you think the global economy will fall before the Rapture?

    I think the global economy has already fallen. We are living in a propped up illusion that is a thread away from collapsing.
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    Former Navy SEAL Jocko Willink posts gut-check message to all of us

    The cost of war is the loss of life. War usually ends when one side can no longer afford the cost. What happens then when the goal of the oppressors is the loss of life? We are facing those whose stated intention is massive population reduction. Whether by war, genocide, crisis, apathy...
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    Lone Wolf Christianity

    Revelation 3 speaks to and warns the lukewarm church in the last days. We are in those days. I left my church because they became all about experience, production, and the seeker sensitive movement. Months of sermons passed without the pastor even cracking open the Bible. When he did, he...
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    Why Are Biden and Democrats Annihilating the Middle Class?

    Because the middle class is the stop gap between the rich/elite becoming tyrants and the poor becoming servants/slaves.
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    Matt Gaetz Wonders If a Transition from Biden to Harris Is Already Underway

    Considering that they've pretty much ignored all other laws, I'm not sure they really care all that much about presidential term limits either.
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    Counterfeit Signs and Wonders That Those Left Behind Must Be Wary Of.

    In addition to the use of occult and witchcraft I would also factor in technology and transhumanism. I do not think it is coincidence that there is a spiritual/occultic element to the way scientists describe quantum computing, 5G, CERN, pharma, the internet of things, nuralink, augmented...
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    National Guard Kicked Out Of The Capitol, Forced To Sleep In A Parking Garage

    It is the same reason they issued the guardsmen rifles without ammunition and administered loyalty tests. Fear.
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    Iran military unveils new radar systems; range 400-800km; can reportedly detect any target

    Tomorrow Iran announces their new advanced naval weapons system: Sharks with laser beams attached to their heads.