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    Today I temporarily lost my Aunt Ruth, a lifelong missionary

    The death of a saint is not the end of our relationship with them, but only an interruption -- to be continued in joyous reunion in the Presence of God!
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    Cartoon Network Is All In with the LGBTQ Agenda

    My kids don't watch American cartoons, and with the way I raised them, they are not interested. One of my kids is into art and graphic design, another is into animals and game programming. They have to ask me before they're allowed to watch anything at all. The first time man had the arrogance...
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    Iraqi Christian burned alive by ISIS three times miraculously survives, sees Jesus in vision

    Amazing story, praise God indeed! According to Voice of the Martyrs, North Korea is currently the most difficult place on the planet to be a Christian.
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    The Hands of Time

    I was just listening to a song, "The Hands of Time (a.k.a Brian's Song), an old favorite I first heard when I was a little boy. Its whimsical-melancholy tune evokes a smorgasbord of memories I have digested again and again over these many years. The music is nice, but like all secular songs it...
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    Got First Twitter ban

    The Church does not function solely as a hospital for sinners, but it is an army by which we press onward in the Name of Jesus, retaking and conquering territory after territory from the kingdom of darkness. As the time draws near, we cannot afford to be pacifists in this cosmic war.
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    The Price of Your Soul

    The price of our soul? For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...
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    Do We Really want to Eliminate “So Help Me God” from our Oaths?

    Perhaps they want to eliminate "so help me God" from their oaths because, being politicians, they do not wish to fulfill their duties to the people. Instead, they want to stay in power and line their pockets with money at the expense of the people. That or they have a different loyalty -- to the...
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    Descendant of Muhammad Becomes A Christian!

    You can read the entire article here, or just read the copy and paste: A devout Muslim whose family has direct ties to the prophet...
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    Teen Wanted Her 5th Abortion So She Wouldn’t be Pregnant at Prom

    Fifth abortion?!! I thank God my kids are homeschooled! Revelations speaks about how they won’t give up their sexual immorality, and I’d hate to see hundreds of Stormy Daniels and Casanovas running around.
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    The "Unforgivable Sin": What to do if you think you have committed it

    Seems to me that Satan’s nasty lie is to rob assurance from those who are saved, and to give the false sense of assurance to those who are lost.
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    Today I temporarily lost my Aunt Ruth, a lifelong missionary

    My condolences athenasius. I do envy your Aunt Ruth now, having relocated to be with Jesus in the greatest celebration the cosmos has ever known. Someday we'll join her and together we'll worship the One to Whom all praise is due!
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    Is Sunday Worship the Mark of the Beast?

    Here is wisdom. Let him that has understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred three score and six. - Revelation 13:18 In the ancient Hebrew alphabet, a letter also held a numerical value. 666 is the mark of the beast. It can also be...
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    Hollywood to Georgia: If You Won’t Kill Them – No Movies for You!

    Wonderful! No abortion means No movies means no Satanic propaganda and Satanic murders. Win-win.
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    Young child learning the gospel

    Little children coming to Christ at a very early age is excellent. It sets them up for a potential long life to earn rewards they can collect in Heaven. It sets them up for the rest of their earthly lives for service to the Master. And who's a better Friend than Jesus?
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    While they're celebrating Pride Month...

    It's Gay Pride month. I didn't even know it was Gay Pride month until I saw some logos of major companies on the Internet decked out in rainbow colors, what has become the symbol of the Sodomites. What if God enacted the Rapture this weekend, during the start of their Pride Month? Despite the...