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    GOP lawmakers introduce articles of impeachment against Biden

    This is nothing but political theater. If they were really concerned about justice, then they would have called out the election fraud. But the Republicans are the ones playing kayfabe with the intention to quell any potential uprisings among the conservatives by making them think that people...
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    Greta’s Chumps

    How long do you think we have? Not asking for a date, just an opinion.
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    Why Freedom is in Serious Jeopardy

    You know, we've all said before that Joe Biden was installed into office to bring about the downfall of the United States, the last bastion of freedom in the world and one of the only two obstacles in the globalists' goal of a one-world government. I believe God allowed it in order to truly...
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    Biden Endorses Controversial Bill Guaranteeing Abortion 'Without Limitations'

    Well, if God wants to unleash judgment on them, I hope He begins with the Rapture. The RINOs are also to blame, and I think they're just putting up political theater. They don't care about our nation, they just want to get paid.
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    Interesting and Evidence...about the Biblical story of Sodom

    Might that happen to San Francisco during the Tribulation when one of those earth-shaking judgments hit?
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    The Last Generation

    Hmm, the last generation.. Something about that reminds me of Tina Turner's song, "We Don't Need Another Hero". Ironically, it was also the soundtrack for a film depicting life on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Part of the song goes like this: Out of the ruins Out from the wreckage Can't make the...
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    Is hell a real place of fire?

    We don't end at death, we relocate. I'm pretty sure Mary and Martha asked Lazarus what is was like, and what happened to him at the moment of death. But if he was allowed to say it, it isn't recorded anywhere in Scripture. Too bad, because it would have given us some much needed information...
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    What are angels made of?

    Now, this is a question of which we'll discover the answer much later in a better place, and with vastly improved minds. But it's fun to speculate, right? We know that all creatures are finite, and that would include angels as well as humans and animals. The LORD made us from the dust of the...
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    Biden Regime Helping Taliban Maintain Military Equipment Left Behind

    With Jesus Christ on Earth, maybe we can ask Him about the deeper and more complex secrets of energy, in particular nuclear cold-fusion or how to go about making a high output clean, renewable source of energy. Yes, energy cannot be created or destroyed -- except by God Himself.
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    Larry Elder Got Saved During His Run For Governor!

    It's great to hear that Larry Elder is now a brother in the LORD. We all rejoice whenever another soul is saved. The other part of this that is not very good is the fact that God is now giving this society over to their own evil, allowing it to fully run its course. Romans 1:24 says...
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    Biden Regime Helping Taliban Maintain Military Equipment Left Behind

    What if the globalists -- via Biden -- wanted to act on their hatred for Israel by directing those in charge to pull out of Afghanistan the way it happened, leaving behind billions of dollars in advanced weaponry for our foes and Israel's enemies? This means not only weapons for China to...
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    Larry Elder Got Saved During His Run For Governor!

    Yeah, I heard Pastor Jack mention it a few days ago. Judging by how the political climate has shifted to the point where politicians tell obvious bold-faced lies, cheat out in the open and not care about any potential consequences, I do believe this whole election thing was just to get Larry...
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    What is happening in the Dead Sea?

    Well, what happened back in Noah's day when the Dead Sea was still sick?
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    Biden Regime Helping Taliban Maintain Military Equipment Left Behind It looks as if the Biden regime is deliberately helping America's enemies as his globalist masters would want, but this is...
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    Pentagon Admits To Killing Civilians- Not ISIS K

    I guess if the Left can kill babies in the most horrific manner to the tune of about 3,000 per day then what's seven little children to them, right? The demented one in office is sad only because that's seven less children he can molest.