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    Rapture: Instant disappearing, or visible ascent?

    I thought the same. Back in '17 on 9/23, I knew a guy who went to the cemeteries, just to wait and see!
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    Rapture: Instant disappearing, or visible ascent?

    The Gardener of the very first Garden... "I see men but they look like walking trees", said the healed blind man.
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    Ezekiel 38-39

    ""I will plunder and loot and turn my hand against the resettled ruins and the people gathered from the nations, rich in livestock and goods, living at the center of the land.[d]” That is the USA! It is true that Russia will try to invade Israel, but they also invade North America! He attacks...
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    Donald J. Trump Announcement: “I Have No Choice but to Run in 2024”

    You've got that eclipse in Springs 2024. That's it! Time is up. If we expect Gog and Magog this decade, how then could Trump come back and be there protecting Israel? It's over. No human savior is coming, lamentably. They'd probably kill him if he tried to run again. I'm suspecting they...
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    Gavin Newsom Wins Recall Election

    They are due for a colossal Quake. The entire wicked West coast, too. Be patient.
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    Emboldened Iran To Hold War Drills With Russia and China

    When do you think the Jeremiah 49 prophecy will fulfill, if it is a prophecy? What does it? Earthquake? IDF jets? America?
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    Emboldened Iran To Hold War Drills With Russia and China

    Isn't that 200 million army a match for Joel 2's Unearthly army of demons (they can't be killed and travel far too fast for a human or machine army)?
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    Not Anon; Trump with a Squeak of Hope

    Why 100 years? I don't mean to be argumentative, but the people who see Israel return (1947, 48 birth years) will see the 2nd Coming. This is clear. 80 years is a hair breadth away to the maximum life span for a man according to the scripture, even with our living standard today. Within this...
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    Race-Crazed Disney Backs Down

    What is 'woke'? Why use their language?
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    Race-Crazed Disney Backs Down

    A certain segment IS against Christians and hence the eternal attack on White Europe/North America. I never said Christians are threatened by other Christians. We cannot be in denial and we shouldn't be uncomfortable talking of race and ethnicity when the rest of humanity is allowed and...
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    Race-Crazed Disney Backs Down

    What sort of people in the world are so threatened by White Christendom, that they have to project their own supremacy onto them? That they favor and work for mass migration from the 3rd world into Europe, Australia and North America? The constant calumny and slander toward Whites with terms...
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    covid 19 hate crimes act

    “Buy a man eat fish, he day, teach fish man, to a lifetime “ J. Shiden
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    Interesting headline

    If I am attacking your house, you'd say 'have you come to take things' not 'have you gone to take things'. The word 'careless' has two meanings. Israel is one, but there is a 2nd land that uses the other to describe it. America for sure is far away and care free. The last place on Earth an...
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    Interesting headline

    I tend to believe more in Woodward's opinion, that as crazy as it sounds, North America is the land of unwalled villages. Yes, they attack Israel, but they also go UP to a land of unwalled villages. If I am wrong about my interpreting of the Hebrew language, please correct me. The ones...
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    Washington Governor Signs Bill Mandating Critical Race Training in Public Schools

    I just had an idea for your governor to propose to him. Get signatures and make it public. Ask him that one day a week, he is to publicly wash the feet (or the cars) of all the Black employees in his administration. Every week. If he mandates humiliating kids in schools, he should lead by...