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    Explosion near Iran’s capital kills two, damages factory - IRNA

    I'm willing to believe Mossad has a lot of people in these facilities who know what they're doing, but this has been going on for years. Looks like they are striking on all cylinders this time around.
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    Age Of The Antichrist

    LOL... The title refers to the time period of his rule, not his actual age.
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    Age Of The Antichrist

    Looks like we're almost there. If it is any indication the Antichrist is alive and well, he may very well be out there behind the scenes, directing traffic. The COVID scare, the medical community's reluctance to find an end to the hysteria, Democrat governors and mayors permitting large scale...
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    Hard Questions that can anyone answer?!

    I have a study with all the prophecy books plus plenty of Bibles in the bookshelves. So come after the rapture, if anyone happens upon my place in case of war or post-rapture unrest, they should have plenty of material to get them on track quickly.
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    Renaming Military Bases?

    This is just a warm up to what the 'leader they all want' will do: the Antichrist. Daniel chapter seven says this: And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings...
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    Communists/Antifa take over six city blocks in Seattle

    The Swamp runs very deep. These generals are upset because Trump won't give them a war. So they are acting out.
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    Communists/Antifa take over six city blocks in Seattle

    In more sane times, this would be a national story. You would have journalists on the ground and discussions about this in news rooms around the country. No more. There are no longer journalists out there. They are all aligned with communism. I'm willing to speculate the DNC and Soros financed...
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    Ready for the Rapture

    Never in a long time have I felt such an urgency. The world has gone mad. Yet, I still find peace in Jesus. I thank God every day despite all this- and appreciative He has shown me much in these dark times. Let your will be done, come, Lord Jesus!
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    George Floyd's Death

    I served 20 years in the Navy. I was born and raised in Chicago. I've been through two wars. Yes, I know LE's in and out the miltary and they will tell you many in the force are in for the take, some are compromised, and many do gooders are shown the door. I speak truth. Now, if you have a...
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    George Floyd's Death

    If you read my post, I said 'most,' which is true. I did not say 'all' law enforcement. And you over reacted.
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    When will they start openly killing Christians?

    I'm thinking the populations in those countries aren't primarily Christian, and in Europe, they've embraced hedonism completely. I think the United States and other western countries who have the biggest evangelical populations won't see any widespread killings of Christians on this side of the...
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    When will they start openly killing Christians?

    As long as the church is still here on earth, I don't see a widespread acceptance of such an act yet.
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    Because Black Lives Matter

    If they really cared about black lives, they would report the goings on in Chicago and other major cities. They don't. The media and those in entertainment do not address the out of control black on black killings in those communities. Then blacks in the communities blame their situation on...
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    When will they start openly killing Christians?

    To be honest, it's happening right now in Islamic countries. In the U.S., it is open season on conservatives.