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    Apple preparing to update apple phones and cut off access to Emergency Broadcasting

    My iPhone just sent a message saying it would update tonight when plugged into power - I have the automatic updates turned off - I too had to put in my security code but I disagreed with the terms agreement and it still let me in‍
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    Pence Conceded Election to Joe Biden in Released Statement

    You know part of me, especially today, is saddened and sickened by what we have witnessed happening in our country of late. But the other side of me is excited by the anticipation that any day we could hear the trumpet sound and could finally see Jesus face to face!!!!!
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    Last Chance, Texas case Supreme Court

    according to one of our states senators who has been repeatedly asked if NC was going to join the Texas Suit his response was.... “I have received multiple inquiries and communications concerning “joining the Texas elections lawsuit” against other states. Suits filed against other states must...
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    Alaska mudslides: Homes destroyed, people may be missing

    I had not heard about the mudslides!!! But I am so thankful you are safe Tall Timbers!!! Will certainly add the ones affected to my prayer list.
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    Either the 'Fear Mongering' Will Persist or Dementia Has Destroyed Joe Biden's Ability to Do Simple Math

    Hi everyone- this is my first post but I have been following along on the forum for a while. I am a nurse and have been for 26 years, I work as a critical transport nurse. I can say without hesitation we have been seeing “Covid” for much longer than the media says first of all, but second I...