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    A question about "dropping things..."

    Replace "horse riding" with "writing and directing" and that's me.
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    Quiting Facebook!

    I had to stop going on Facebook back in June of 2020. There was soooo much demand that everyone believe the same things. I saw a few Christian friends end their friendships because one was reiterating everything BLM was saying and the other was trying to counter with facts, data, and common...
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    America Is Running Out of Everything

    Amazon owns Whole Foods.
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    Archaeologists find 2,700-year-old toilet in luxurious palace in Jerusalem

    My brother in law has a strange business. He digs up the ground where old outhouses used to be and finds all sorts of things, which he then cleans up and sells. These outhouse are usually 100 years okd, so all the smelly organic material is long gone. It's just dirt now. He finds: medicine...
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    Did Tucker describe some sort of “movie plot twist” we are living in last night?

    Don't worry. Tucker has not gone over to the dark side. The problem with transcripts is that they don't convey a sarcastic tone or facial expressions. This was Tucker doing satire. He was showing how ridiculous the White House and media talking points are. Just as that reporter interviewing the...
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    WSJ: IRS bank snooping will lead to control over how you save and spend your own money…

    You know, the Build Back Better slogan, which comes from the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, leaves something very important unsaid: build back from what? It pre-supposes an economic collapse.
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    Where Are All the Workers?

    Wow. That is an amazing story of God working in your life.
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    The “Lord God Bird” is dead.

    Animal names for creatures other than domestic or common animals have often been difficult for translators to translate. As scholars have learned more about the actual animals of the area and era, they have gotten better at it. According to my Bible dictionary, the Hebrew word translated by KJV...
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    The “Lord God Bird” is dead.

    The unicorn was a medieval made up creature like the mermaid or griffin. It might have been inspired by the narwhal horns. Funny true story: my daughter works at a fabric store. A customer was buying some fabric with various sea creatures on it. She thought it was cute that they'd added a...
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    Americans Evacuating Afghanistan Stranded in Abu Dhabi After DHS Denies Entry to Charter Flight

    Meanwhile hundreds of thousands stream through our porous border, bringing with them all sorts of diseases, and the same DHS doesn't care. This decision had nothing to do with concern over measles, and everything to do with not wanting the State Department to be shown up by private rescuers. I...
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    Where Are All the Workers?

    One of my sisters in law runs a toy shop. She says it's really difficult finding people who want to work. I have other friends and acquaintances who say the same. There are restaurants near me who can't find enough workers to stay open. If unemployment benefits pay you more than you can get at a...
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    The deer hunt

    That reminds me of Patrick McManus 's columns. If anyone needs a good few hours of laughs, pick up one of his books.
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    Lawmakers from both parties 'angrily stormed out' of classified Afghanistan briefing

    Exactly. We are no longer a nation that is run through a legislative process. The nameless, faceless bureaucrats are the ones who write the regulations and the ones who decide which laws to enforce. Whether it's the State Department or the EPA or the Dept of Education...., they tell the...
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    The bride of Christ

    In Hosea, we see the imagery of God the Father being the husband and Israel is the unfaithful, adulterous wife. Jeremiah 2:23 - 5:19 also refers to Israel this way, as does Ezekiel chapter 16. in Ephesians 5:25 - 27, 2 Corinthians 11:2, and Revelation 19:7-9, the Church is the Bride of Christ...
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    Need advice for an estate sale

    Since you have specialty items -- the art supplies -- you should mention them specifically in your advertising. is a good place to notify people in an area of an estate sale. Put it on signs too. Also, you can try bundling some of the art supplies. 5 brushes for $4, say. As the...