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    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    I’d be 65 in 2055.. I certainly hope the Rapture is before then! I guess that’s not even the retirement age anymore though, and probably won’t be when/if that time comes. But, indeed, still better even for me to save for retirement. And I do.
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    What is everyone thoughts

    I think the Bible is clear that alcohol, especially wine, is a good gift of God, when used in moderation. But I understand that many people have had struggles with alcohol, and that they should abstain for that reason. I say this not to persuade any teetotalers; I wouldn’t want anyone to violate...
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    Is God Only a God of Love, or Is He Also a God of Wrath?

    One of the ways God shows His children the depths of His mercy, love, and kindness is through the magnitude of the wrath that He has saved us from. Eternal hell is the worst thing imaginable. And yet, this is the final destiny of most people, save a very fortunate few.
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    Bon appetit? .... yum! What's on your menu?

    Chocolate peanut butter water ice from Rita’s is my lunch. :)
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    The Universe Is Moving Too Fast and Nobody Knows Why Here's a thought for all those secular scientists: maybe all your assumptions about the origin of the universe are wrong. Even the very notion of a Big Bang was a concession that atheist cosmologists had to make when it was shown that...
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    You ARE Worthy

    The fact that I didn't earn it makes me relish it all the more, that God chose me long before I had chosen Him! Such a thing seems quite countercultural. The societal ethos is that your value is commensurate with the amount of "hard work" you're willing to put out. That's your value as a person...
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    Extinction Rebellion: Police move in on London protesters

    It's sad. Climate alarmism is just another false religion. How much better would it be if the zealotry these folks exhibit were instead for the Lord Jesus Christ?!
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    Frail-Looking Assange Arrested In London After 7 Years In Ecuador Embassy

    Keeping secrets is a necessary function of government. Of course, nothing is hidden from God, and every person is subject to His judgment for everything done publicly or privately. But the rule of law, including that which relates to the improper access and disclosure of information, should be...
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    Why do you serve God?

    I love Him, because I can see how He first loved me. I can see how He chose me before time began (Ephesians 1:3-6). I can see how His love fought for me, even when I was His sworn enemy. And I was a bitter atheist at times. I tore pages out of the Bible, spit on the Bible, flushed pages down the...
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    Hi I am a dreamer...

    Amen! :yeah Welcome to the forum, dreamermind!
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    Christianity is not in decline in America

    I doubt it will be most Americans; rather, a sizable chunk of the population seems likely. And some parts of the country, no doubt, more so than others.
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    Questions Evolutionists Cannot Answer

    Ask most people to defend evolution, and they'll say it's "scientific." In other words, they'll defer to the perceived intellectual authority of the scientific community. The corollary to this is that creationism is "pseudoscientific." Go on the Wikipedia page for someone like Stephen Meyer...
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    What will the media say after the Rapture?

    Here's an interesting article that posits that the Rapture in and of itself could cause an EMP event. There are many forces that can cause an EMP event, such a coronal mass ejection, which could cause severe disruption to the entire world civilization by frying electronic systems. A coronal mass...
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    Pompeo: Trump possibly sent from God to ‘help save the Jewish people’

    I agree. Regardless of anything else, I think God is using Trump for His own purposes. No one thought Trump would stand a chance when he first announced his candidacy, but he consistently defied expectations. At this point, considering the status of the Democratic Party, I think it's more likely...
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    Thoughts on eternity

    The article is certainly thought-provoking, but I think something is missing. The article seems to suggest that the worship of God will somehow be secondary to the pursuit of our own pleasure. That's not the correct order now, so why would it be reversed in God's kingdom? We're designed to love...