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    Drag Me to Church

    Worldly Christians. Acknowledging the word but not the power.
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    Are We on the Verge of the Tribulation?

    100% yes we are and Jesus told us this is what it would look like before the tribulation begins. It's the worldly Christians who will fight you up and down to say this is all normal. Normal isn't coming back because HE is coming back. That HE is Jesus Christ!
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    God - So Powerful, So Loving, and not an ounce of pride

    Why would God give everything to us if we just have full trust and faith in him? Love Why would God create a law for a people only to fulfill it himself? Love How does God want man to view him? He wants them to love him. In the time to come God himself (Jesus) will rule and reign and it will...
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    A couple stranded on I-95 in Virginia saw a bakery truck and had an idea

    yes over there ...snow covered tree or bank
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    Where is heaven?

    If I had to take a stab at this I'd say heaven is up there somewhere. Not beneath the pale moonlight but above the stars in a galaxy far far away. I could be off but maybe not?
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    Cambodian woman marries cow she claims is her reincarnated husband

    I could have gone all day without seeing this...oh my word. Moral decline in action.
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    Sometimes I wonder why me?

    I often wonder as well....why would he choose a wretch like me? I'm not calling you a wretch just myself but I do often wonder and the answer is he isn't looking for the proud, successful men and women of this world. He wants those that are humble and desiring love not pride. God will choose...
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    Do You Have A Safe Room?

    I have a bad orange kitty too I'm surrounded by it all argh
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    Get off the fence and join us

    The time is coming and it's your time. Get off the fence if you are on it and join the kingdom of love. Many have no testimony of being a Christian and that's sad. Isn't it incredible that God himself would come down with all the power he has to humble himself to fulfill a law he gave to...
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    Do You Have A Safe Room?

    If I'm home with my wife no room is safe. Sharp teeth and claws yeeeooch.
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    Kids and the rapture

    I was just curious what you guys thought about what happens to kids during the rapture? Are kids of born again believers only to be raptured you think or is it all kids under a certain age going up? I know there are 3 camps that believe a certain way.....That only believers that are filled...
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    Look at your worth through Heaven's eyes?

    Have you ever thunk?
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    Why does God say he is love?

    I love puppies and kittens. I emphasize the love part of that of course. In all my "Pride" I mean love. Why would God give me a whole garden and tell me not the hit the big red button in the middle? It's almost like he said love and trust me Son ..have faith in me and just don't do it...