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    DFW Church?

    Any recommendations for a good church in the DFW area? My brother lives there and I travel there frequently. I absolutely love to visit churches up there. The last church I went to had Lee Strobel as a guest speaker and it was awesome! Anyway, thanks for the suggestions! :)
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    Faith. It’s hard!

    Welcome to the club. It's called Human People. I find it's so much easier to play god than trust God. Here's to hoping it gets easier. :)
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    Holiday frustration

    True. Hubby is hands-off. He has high expectations, and I try to meet them because I love him. Over the years he’s had to adjust. I can only do so much, and he must accept it - but he still gets irritated. He’s retired army, so he’s inflexible. But God was wonderful this Thanksgiving. My...
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    Holiday frustration

    I love/hate Thanksgiving. First, I host extended family. I plan for weeks and cook everything myself. They show up, do very little, eat, and then ask what’s next. They stay for days - and rarely say thank you. I encourage their involvement by saying, “I’m open to your ideas” when asked what’s...
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    Happy Thanksgiving

    I’m making ham, turkey, mac ‘n cheese, green beans, tater salad, mashed taters, sweet tater pie... Yes, I’m Southern.
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    So Disappointed and Surprised!

    DH is retired and I work from home. Our tv is on all day. I used to hate it; now it’s noise. I’m not bothered by his sports. What I despise, however, is finding a show that doesn’t have full nudity, prolonged sex scenes, and some of them homosexual. Truly troubling.