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    Microsoft's latest Windows 10 updates come with nasty printer bugs

    That's Microsoft for ya, lol, sorry for the troubles.
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    My Encounter With a Bear - Pic Heavy

    Wow! Anything like that... when I was a kid, about 8 or 9 maybe, we had a 3-story house built on a hillside. The "basement" was actually ground level with the back yard, and was finished out as an apartment where my grandmother lived with us. There was a sliding glass door onto the back patio...
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    The Rapture Report – Sports Illustrated Features First Transgender Model in its Annual Swimsuit Issue

    My own niece, who thinks she is a boy, supposedly had her breasts removed last week. DW saw a post on FB that it was scheduled. It is very sad. :pray
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    Don Lemon Blasphemes Jesus

    Maybe he is kicking against the pricks and goads.
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    An encouraging poem to share!

    All, The poem quoted below came from a posting on FB. Apparently one of my aunt's friends emailed a link to her, and my aunt forwarded it to my uncle, who forwarded it to me. I do not know the author, and I am not going to log into FB to ask her permission, because reasons... But I am nearly...
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    Ezekiel 38 Gog / Magog timing / Rapture questions

    My thought was it could arise from exasperation*. I agree President Trump has been, and I expect to be, pro Israel. * as tho, if he couldn’t assist, calling out the coalition.
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    Ezekiel 38 Gog / Magog timing / Rapture questions

    OR, if Trump wins, but has his hands tied? I could see “have you come to take a spoil” as a tweet...
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    Ezekiel 38 Gog / Magog timing / Rapture questions

    if any of these great and clear prophecies happen pre-rapture, will we still be walking by faith, or by sight? If we see them, is that a micro transition period before :rapture ?
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    Favorite Objects

    Greenland qajaqs and paddles and using them. Just being outside in general. Sitting on the beach watching the night sky. what is a morning star flail?
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    Next disaster for 2020?

    Ima take the opposite tack, for about half the next disaster is Trumps reelection! Love you Dan, but I hope you’re wrong! :lol
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    The Tongues of Men And Angels

    There was also a lot of good about the church tho. We had a weekly ministry to kids at the juvenile detention, taught Sunday School with my wife, and she did GEMS and I Royal Rangers with some of the men. Most uncomfortable camping of my life! Pinewood derby in fellowship hall one of the most...
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    The Tongues of Men And Angels

    The thing they told me was tongues was evidence of salvation, ie, the Baptism of the Spirit. And if I couldn’t get it it was because there was sin in my life. Two of the loudest in Church were later brought in for extortion charges in biz. I used to leave that church feeling so guilty, so one...
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    Are You Concerned About Your Left Behind "Stuff"?

    I just hope they don’t look in that one drawer. But take the Bibles, please. As to the pets, God looks after the sparrow... if He can make the jail doors swing open He can take care of a few furbabies.
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    The Tongues of Men And Angels

    Well, the Bible says speaking in tongues is a thing, maybe two things, having native languages understand one another, and a heavenly language, so that settles that. I have seen it done and obviously faked or something else, in confused babbling at the same time and I’ve seen what I believe was...