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    Coke vs Pepsi

    I prefer Pepsi. My favorite way to drink it is in a glass with lots of big pieces of ice, the half moon type you get at home from your fridge. So refreshing!
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    The Red Heifer and Temple

    Not sure whats going on with my link. You can find the update on The Temple Institute youtoob page.
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    The Red Heifer and Temple

    This is a link to the YouTube video shared on the Temple Institute page.The two they were looking at have been disqualified. They have a few heifers approaching the right age but they also have a few non-red hairs that they are hoping will turn red.
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    Comment line complaints

    I hate going through the drive thru and then being told to pull my car ahead and wait there. When did this become acceptable in a drive thru? Gah! Just wanted to say that I can commiserate on your bad experience.
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    Anyone struggle with perimenopause?

    I'm 44 and have been experiencing the same thing. Insane mood swings, sooo easy to anger or sob hysterically. I tend to isolate when it happens so I don't unintentionally explode on my husband or my daughter, but then my husband gets mad at me for ignoring him and that creates new stress. Some...
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    Things I am now afraid of from here on out....

    Trump put out a tweet this evening on his official Potus acct and stated a new platform was in the works. Of course, this tweet has since been removed.
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    I'm a Doctor and Here's How to Never Catch COVID

    I am not misunderstanding you. What I'm saying is its still the old and infirmed that are dying not the young. What you are saying is that there is an increase in young people getting it and therefore normal precaustions won't work (at least thats what you got all worked up about earlier)...
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    I'm a Doctor and Here's How to Never Catch COVID

    My husband works as an respiratory therapist for a local hospital and my aunt is an MD and both take care of REAL patients and would disagree with you. The majority of the very ill patients they sees are older with multiple co morbidities - that hasn't changed. And even the flu can take down...
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    House Hunters shows

    Not me. My husband and I have always enjoyed the show although we don't have the chance to watch it as often. I have heard that the home buyers have already chosen and purchased the home ahead of time, but I still enjoy trying to figure out which home they bought and I like to see what they do...
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    Attending Church service?

    Stay home. You have been in contact with someone who has it, so you should be self quarantining for at least 2 weeks. No symptoms doesnt mean you don't have it or cant spread it. Be thoughtful and caring about the people you go to church with (especially the elderly) and keep it at home.
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    Red Heifer Born?!?!

    Has anyone heard an update on the red heifer? I thought I read they would would do another exam at 3 months but I'm failing to find anything.