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    This will be the 72nd year of the rebirth of Israel this May

    I have to admit that if we get past May of 2021 (Israel's 73rd birthday) and we are still here, I am going to be a completely confused watcher at that point. If all of these signs, the generation thing and the condition of the world continues on then I just don't know what to do at that point...
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    Red alert sirens in the south

    I did see a brief article on this on the Fox News website this morning, however it seems to be out of the news cycle now.
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    Iranian protesters demand Khamenei quit over plane downing

    Talk about poking a hornets nest. Lol!
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    Pompeo: We want Iran to simply behave like a normal nation

    The problem is that is their idea of normal. I’m sure they look at us and say the same thing. Sad.
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    Donald Trump to address the nation on Iran attacks at 11 a.m.

    Well, there you have it. "Trump declares Iran 'appears to be standing down,' says missile strikes caused no casualties" So much for this crisis. Moving on. Now back to your...
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    Iran launches missiles into US air bases in Iraq: US official: breaking news

    Watch to see if any US troops are injured or killed. If not this is a save face move that will go unanswered. Remember Trump is a negotiator. Not a war monger. Right now he is asking if a response is necessary.
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    Putin meets Assad in surprise visit to Syria

    "Putin also noted that on the streets of Damascus the signs of how peace has been restored can be seen with the naked eye," Isaiah 17:14 At evening time, behold, there is terror! Before morning they are no more.
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    It's On! Missles Hit Base Where U.S. Troops Stationed In Iraq and Near Embassy

    Oh very possible. Just my point is Iran is weak and backed into a corner. They can’t act directly. Proxies are a different story yet we have our proxies too :).
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    It's On! Missles Hit Base Where U.S. Troops Stationed In Iraq and Near Embassy

    Check out the latest threat by Iran. 80 million dollar ransom on Trump. They are desperate. Now they are trying to get other people to fight their battles.
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    It's On! Missles Hit Base Where U.S. Troops Stationed In Iraq and Near Embassy

    I anticipate that 30 days from now no one will be talking about this. Iran will not retaliate anytime soon. They have had multiple reasons to do so considering all of the strikes in Syria from Israel alone. They are a weak injured animal at this point. What little arsenal they have they will use...
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    I'm not 100% in...

    Dan, there are lots of statements and events in the Bible that I just don't understand...yet....and that is OK. I do know this, the fact that you are wrestling with this and reaching out is a really good sign that the Holy Spirit is working on you. So go to the mat with Jesus and wrestle with...
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    Baghdad rocket attack kills Iranian military leaders including Gen. Qassim Soleimani, reports say

    Based on past trends and observations, I would anticipate some kind of attack by one of Iran's proxies a few weeks from now. Most likely it will be on an embassy someplace outside the middle east or a rocket barrage on Israel or another attack on Saudi Arabia. They may also try and siege...
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    Nice Hanukkah gift

    Thanks Andy. Good info!
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    Nice Hanukkah gift

    I’m going to see some very good friends of mine that are Jewish. We are going on the last day of Hanukkah. I would like to bring them really nice traditional gifts. Anyone have some ideas? I’m thinking some nice warm blankets.
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    Why the Lord May Be Tougher on You Than Others

    While this article appears to be encouraging I think I disagree with its premise. I mean no criticism of the authors comments as I can see this was written with an intent of love and encouragement to those who are suffering. However, consider for a moment the following: 1. The Lord does not...