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    How long after you were saved did you know your spiritual gift?

    This was a tough question for me because I want to explain what I think and I don’t have the greatest way of communicating at times so things make sense. I have always been more of an emotional thinker and less a logical thinker. That actually has changed some with age. At the age of 21 a very...
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    College Decisions

    You are so sweet; we have never really thought about it. I have have been in crisis pregnancy ministry for 15 years and we were very involved when our girls were in youth group with ALL the kids! That may be something we need to pray over. Thanks for the suggestion!
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    I stuck my foot in my mouth!! :(

    I had a very similar experience recently! We went to dinner with my niece the other night at restaurant that we had been to once before with her. She laughingly said, “ you guys remember the last time we ate here Aunt Annie told me my hair looked flat and shorter!” All of the relatives...
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    College Decisions

    Hi LHA! Both of my girls will attend a Christian college this year. One a junior and the other a freshman. I feel like you in that it beats a super liberal college but more importantly I don’t rely on the school to be the place where my girls get the majority of their feeding. They attend a...
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    Discussion on the Impact of the Rapture

    The alien belief is getting out of control. My father who is a Christian sits at home all day(84 years old) and watches tv nonstop. He has started talking about how aliens could be real from the junk he sees on tv. I don’t know what to even say to him anymore.
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    How much is a watchman responsible for?

    Thank you; I know just how you feel...there’s an urgency!
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    How much is a watchman responsible for?

    I’m so glad you are feeling lead to this ministry. These girls so desperately need mother figures in their lives. I have seen just about every situation you can imagine and I can honestly say I feel blessed because of the girls! If you ever want any insight on something general ( I know you...
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    How much is a watchman responsible for?

    I understand your feelings. My father constantly complains about the state of the world and tries to reason why. When I tell him my thoughts he shuts me down. I have finally had to tell him if he doesn’t want to hear my thoughts please stop bringing it up. On the subject of the alternative...
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    Speaking of Unplanned

    Thanks for your input Matt! I have seen first hand how this movie has changed a few minds amongst some of the people I know. At the end, was God glorified? Yes!
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    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    Thank you for the verse!!! That is very encouraging and it feels good to know I am not alone. I’m actually so glad I brought this up; I have felt guilty over these feelings for months. I feel like a weight has been lifted and it gives me a fresh perspective that God does understand our...
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    I know that obviously it was a terrible way to perish for those two girls. Every person in this life has experienced something awful, period. I was raped at 21, got pregnant and placed my daughter for adoption. I could shake my fist at God and ask why me. Well, why not me ? Because of that...
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    The Rapture - Are you hopeful or dependent?

    I had to reread the post several times and really get the gist but I love your example. I am not dependent on a specific date BUT I feel dependent on the rapture in my life time. I’m not proud to say this but our current situation here scares the hell out of me for myself and my family. I think...
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    How is everyone living these days?

    OP I totally understand where you are coming from. My family does not want to talk about it much and I understand. My daughter’s are 19 and 20. They don’t want to think that they may not get married, have kids, a career, etc... Honestly, it’s a little overwhelming to me as well because here is...
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    Appreciating God's watching over.....

    I love when simple things happen nicely and we remember who to thank! I needed to be reminded!
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    Seeking God

    Glad to read this! Feeling down after spending several years with young adults witnessing and getting nowhere.